October 12, 2019
Red Bank, New Jersey

K & B

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

These are our Folks, who we love very much. We also love you very much.

Kelsey Kazmac


Kelsey is very much in love with Brian. She likes cats and hiking and seltzer.

Brian Ericson


Brian is madly in love with Kelsey. He likes plants and fish and has way too many hobbies.

Chris Kazmac

Father of the Bride

Chris introduced Kelsey to a large majority of her favorite things: the Grateful Dead, stinky cheese, and, most importantly, New York Rangers hockey.

Bruce Ericson

Father of the Groom

Bruce is Brian's father, and the two of them have grown ever closer as Brian has gotten older. Bruce taught Brian (almost) everything he needs to know about getting things done, including his firm handshake, how to tackle an extravagant kitchen meal, cleaning up as you cook (taught to Bruce by Susan), and how to balance a budget.

Cynthia Kazmac

Mother of the Bride

Cynthia also introduced Kelsey to a large majority of her favorite things: New York City, Finnish food, and, most importantly, needlepoint.

Susan Ericson

Mother of the Groom

Susan has taught Brian how to analyze and utilize leftovers, how to find something in the fridge, and to always trust his creativity. Brian calls Susan every weekday on his lunch break and values her expertise in the ways of the world.

Madeline Abatemarco

Flower Girl

Madeline is one in a long line of flower girls—Kelsey was a flower girl in the wedding of Bridget, Madeline's mom. Bridget was a flower girl in the wedding of Kelsey's mom, Cynthia. And Cynthia was a flower girl in the wedding of Bridget's mom, Fran!

Bodhi Kudile

Ring Bearer

Bodhi is Brian's nephew, and he is a baby, and we love him. We also love his mom, Karissa, and his dad, Jeffrey, too. He also has the same stuffed animal that Brian had when he was a kid.

Polly Brophy

Matron of Honor

Polly and Kelsey have been friends for almost 20 years! In that time, they attended school together, danced competitively together, went to summer camp together, played trombone together, and much more (together).

Michael Lettieri

Best Man

Mike is the best man. Probably of all time. Brian and Mike met at Hobby Masters when Brian was still in middle school—fancy that! Mike has been a great friend and mentor to Brian over the years. Brian couldn't think of a better person for the role of best man!

Jenna Ericson Reed


Jenna is Brian's older sister! Brian, Kelsey, and Jenna all grew up going to school together in Fair Haven and Rumson and share a love for marching band, cats, and science podcasts. Jenna has two incredibly cute kittens, named Charlie and Lucy.

Kyle Reed


Kyle is a cool dude, and better at Halo 2 than Brian could ever hope to be. Also, he's an inspiration to watch at the poker table. Brian met Kyle when Jenna brought him home from college—another native New Jerseyan going to school in the Green Mountain State. Kyle's unshakable chillness is welcome in the groom's party.

Ginger Wardell


Ginger and Kelsey have been friends since Kelsey met Ginger and her sister, Polly, at elementary school in Fair Haven, almost 20 years ago! Ginger and Kelsey palled around in aftercare, at day camp, and around town. Ginger is one of the cooler people in this world.

Connor Farley


Connor has great taste in music... and just about everything else... and he knows it. Brian and Connor have been like brothers since they were kids, when they attended Knollwood Middle School and Rumson-Fair Haven High School together.

Emily Kazmac


Kelsey has known Emily her entire life—literally! Kelsey and Emily grew up together, along with Emily's two younger brothers, John and Joseph, spending lots of time hanging out together, cracking each other up, and making up weird songs at family events.

Paz Toro


Paz is some sort of myth, said only to exist in Brian's imagination. Brian met Paz while working at the Comic Crypt in Shrewsbury, NJ. His thoughts upon meeting Paz for the first time were, "Wow... this person is too cool... I want to be friends." Paz thought the same thing about Brian. The rest was history.

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