Elisa & Dylan






July 2, 2023

Mill Valley, CA
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How We Met

2010 and back again...

We both attended Brown University starting Fall 2010. While we had had brief encounters (Dylan did call Elisa "the cute cashier" at the Blue Room), we did not have our first real conversation until December 2017. In classic millennial form, we both swiped right on Tinder. Very quickly, we noticed our connection and had all-day "text-a-thons" and hours-long phone conversations within the first weeks. Since Elisa was in California and Dylan was in Missouri for the holidays, our first official date was over video chat, in pajamas, and lasted about... six hours. Rather than patiently waiting to officially meet in-person in Providence, we both decided to take the leap - Dylan bought a ticket to California for three days. While it was a risky move, you can say the rest is history!

The Engagement


'Twas an ordinary Friday evening in October, or so it seemed. When Elisa walked up to the apartment door after a long day's work (wanting nothing more that to slip into her pajamas and nestle in the couch cushions,) she noticed a peculiar sign on the door. "BEWARE. Deadly spider infestation, DO NOT ENTER!" Throwing caution to the wind, she ignored the sign and ventured inside. There she was met with an alarming sight. The house had been infested with all manner of spooky creatures. There were spiders of all shapes and sizes, spreading cobwebs on everything the eye could see. There were rats (made of paper, of course) scampering along the walls and doorframes. There were lights, skulls, and a cauldron emitting smoke. What was going on? Through all of the spooky critters and decorations, a rich smell of fruit, cinnamon, and cardamom permeated the air, and she was greeted by a warm face and an ever-enthusiastic puppy. While a smile split across Elisa's face, she was yet unsuspecting of the true purpose of the evening... And so the adventure began. A series of spooky cards, with riddles and clues, guided Eli and Dylan (and Mipha) through a series of quests: a scavenger hunt, matching costumes, some light crafting, a (surprisingly challenging) pumpkin ring toss, riddles, and more. Now, some of you might think Dylan's intentions obvious, but these types of games are not without precedent. And Dylan had made it *very* clear he did not plan to propose until Elisa had picked out a ring (conveniently, they had an appointment to go ring shopping the next day.) Eli and Dylan went from one activity to the next, until they eventually found themselves putting together a Halloween puzzle. (To anyone who thinks puzzles aren't fun... You're wrong, puzzles can be fun. Also, Dylan needed some time to sneak away to prepare the next stage of the surprise.) Once Eli, completed the puzzle, a secret message was revealed on the underside: "Backyard" ... Curious? Eli made her way downstairs to proceed to the backyard. She flipped on the light switch (foiling Dylan's plan) and opened the blinds to reveal a large pumpkin. Dylan was behind her on one knee, hands outstretched. Thankfully, Dylan was quickly able to jump up and kill the lights without her noticing, revealing the final piece of the grand plan - the proposal pumpkin, engraved with the words: "Eli, will you marry me?" Eli: "Whaaaaat? What's this? Huh? What?" Surprise accomplished. Also, there was a ring. And she said yes, in case that wasn't clear. And the rest, so they say, is history. <3