Emily & Nicholas


We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Emily Diehl


Nicholas Carsello

July 20, 2024

Chicago, IL

How We Met

Nick and Emily met on Hinge! Emily was initially drawn to Nick because of the ultramarathons he had run, and they spent much of the time before their first date talking about running. The day before their first date, Emily had a long day at the hospital, and she almost cancelled their first date because she was so tired! Thankfully, she went and the rest is history. Funny enough, their first date was actually at a tiki bar on the river because it was the very beginning of COVID and nowhere else had reservations! After their first date, both Nick and Emily ran past that tiki bar hundreds of times.

How We Said Yes to Forever

Randomly one day, Nick’s Aunt Muggy called and asked if there was any possible way him and Emily could be able to travel to Hawaii in one week. Mugs and her son, Tino, had permits to the beautiful Napali Coast trail in Kauai and could no longer go! Emily had to switch just one shift and thankfully found a resident who was graciously able to swap at the last minute. Just one week later, they were embarking on their 30 mile journey along the Napali Coast. It took two days and hiking along several cliffs which their mothers would NOT like to see, but Emily and Nick finally made it to the beautiful remote beach at the end of the hike. They set up camp under a beautiful guava tree on the beach and made dinner. The sun began to set, and an incredible rainbow appeared at the other end of the sky. As the sun set, Nick set up his tripod for “a timelapse.” He asked Emily to head over to the beautiful area in front of the mountains to “check the angle,” and the rest is history!

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