June 18, 2022
Sintra, Portugal

Elana & Niall


We're getting married! (again)

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Niall Sheridan


Elana Delasos



June 18


How We Met


Who would have thought that our mutual love of food would lead to the moment that would change our lives forever and for the better. We hit it off after a chance meeting at Time Out Market in Lisbon when Niall "lost his phone" and approached a group of us girlfriends to ask if we had seen it. While the question still stands whether or not Niall actually lost a phone that night, we did lose track of time and closed down the market, finding ourselves at a bar called A Tabacaria right up the street (the same place that would eventually be the spot where Niall proposed). We both knew then that something about us felt different, and luckily, a year of Elana traveling didn't scare Niall away. Exactly two weeks later we met in Madrid for our first official date. The rest, as they say, is history! We knew it wouldn't always be easy, but we committed to dating long distance for the next ten months. Of course there were perks, like trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Mexico together, plus a few visits to London along the way. But best of all, we realized we were made of strong stuff, even from afar. Little did we know that a week after moving in together, the COVID-19 pandemic would have us go from long distance to 24/7 quarantine. Lucky for us, we thrived, and what we already knew in theory was confirmed -- we wanted to be together no matter what, where or how. And so in September 2020, in front of A Tabacaria, Niall proposed! And this is where you all come in. While many of you know we are now legally married, it's time to celebrate with our friends and family in the country that means so much to us as a couple. We can't wait to gather everyone together in June 2022 for our big day, and hope you're just as excited as we are!!

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