elaina & ame

we got married! time to celebrate.







August 11 - 12, 2023

New York, NY
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a little bit on how we met...

While attending the Overwatch League Grand Finals back in 2018, my friend Allie and I decided we didn't want to watch DJ Khaled's awful half time performance, so took this time to walk around the venue. Little did I know this would led us to cross paths with Elaina, changing my life forever. Despite living in Australia, Elaina and I started talking. I very quickly booked a trip to New York to visit her for Christmas of 2018, just to see how it would go. I think it went pretty well. Long distance was hard, but we were able to survive 4 years of distance, 2 years of those 4 not seeing each other during Covid. Then beginning what felt like the longest visa application process in the world. It truly feels like a dream come true to be spend every day together now, and finally get to call each other 'my wife!' for real.