Rebecca & Don

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Rebecca Ruth Kauffman


If someone had told Rebecca she would be marrying the love of her life a year ago, she would have probably snorted from laughing. A native of Nashville, Rebecca has spent most of her career as a Marketing professional in the music industry, most recently at Gibson Guitar. This, despite the fact that she is clueless about guitars or recognizing famous people. Rebecca loves to make art, cook, and is pursuing her Master’s in Special Education, when not marveling at her good fortune in meeting Don. No, she can’t play golf but she is a great (ok, Don - exceptional) golf cart driver and beverage administrator. And while she hasn't traveled nearly as extensively as Don, she intends to, as his official +1. Ask Rebecca about (not recognizing) Ringo Starr!

Donald Lee Rittenhouse


A native of East Palestine, Ohio, Don worked in trust banking software development before retiring in 2018 to pursue his passion for scoring the USGA and LIV tours. He is as much at home walking the famous fairways of the world as a scorer for the pros or rubbing elbows with the best players in the world: his golf buddies. Don also enjoys doing puzzles daily - crossword and sudoku (but he’s not a nerd, we promise). Don is also a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, is passionate about world travel and new experiences, and enjoys all music, particularly classical and rock. But most of all, Don is thrilled to have met the love of his life in Rebecca. Ask Don about scoring for Tiger Woods at Merion or scoring at the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews in Scotland!

Trudy Lynn Bloodworth

Matron of Honor

A native of Oklahoma, Trudy is a Nashville attorney practicing criminal and domestic law. Trudy is a regular dynamo: avid exerciser, non-profit fundraiser, puppy mommy, and wife to Phillip, a Nashville area attorney and judge. Rebecca and Trudy have been friends for 20+ years and both enjoy texting upon waking at 4:30 am. Rebecca’s number one, +1, Trudy will soon retire her +1 status to Rebecca’s events. Hilarious, smart, beautiful inside and out, Trudy is the type of friend we all need. An avid traveler, Trudy has traveled the world and run more than a few marathons along the way. Ask Trudy about her favorite trip or marathon!

Gregory John Close

Best Man

According to Greg, Don's favorite stepson, he grew up being supremely mediocre at team sports like baseball and basketball, above average at obscure and unknown sports like rowing, and extremely talented at telling people what to do. Given this tenuous start, Greg has several top 10 performances in international Ironman events. A current resident of Brooklyn, New York, Greg has been married to his lovely wife, Robin, since 2012, and together they have two children, Jack and Wynnie. The Close family travels frequently to South Africa to explore the country’s natural beauty. Ask Greg if he could only participate in one sport for the rest of his life, which sport would he choose!

Lindsey Erin Rose


What can't you say about Lindsey? The daughter Rebecca wishes she had (something Lindsey’s real mom, Cindy, is probably tired of hearing). Wise beyond her youthful years, Lindsey loves hearing Rebecca wax poetic (doubtful), being on the water, live music and festivals, and traveling the world. She’s also a mad drink slinger. Ask Lindsey where she intends to travel to next!

James Rathmann-Noonan


AKA, Jack. Greg's mini-me and grandson of the groom, Don.

Dr. Carl H. Kauffman

Father of the Bride

The Godfather as Don calls him (or the Beast, depending on the day and the prevailing golf winds), Carl consistently hits his golf ball straight down the down the middle of the fairway, every single day. Yes, that's right at 79 he still plays every day and most days with Don. A native of New Orleans and former music educator, Carl used to drop Rebecca and her (late) brother Matt off at the library as a babysitter and told them to read every book on their school’s summer list, (and all the other school’s lists too) while he worked on his PhD at Vanderbilt. The ultimate laid back Southern gentleman, dapper dresser, excellent cook, Irish whiskey and cigar connoisseur, antique Jaguar driver, fabulous father, and loving husband to his wife of 50+ years, Lura. Ask Carl about his favorite golf course in Ireland and his four holes-in-one!

Mr. William A. Rittenhouse

Father of the Groom

(in Memoriam)

Mrs. Lura G. Kauffman

Mother of the Bride

A native of New Orleans and classically trained soprano, Lura has sung throughout Europe and in Nashville, including the legendary Ryman Auditorium. Lura was also an original #girlboss working her way up the proverbial corporate ladder to cosmetic buyer for a large chain of department stores throughout the Southeast. In the late 1980's she hung up her heels and pursued a nursing degree. Lura has recently retired from a 30 year career in Oncology both in Nashville, Tennessee and Mobile, Alabama. Lura loves genealogy, history, and gardening. Married to Carl for 50+ years, ask Lura about the history of our family founding Mobile and New Orleans!

Mrs. Laurel W. Rittenhouse

Mother of the Groom

(in Memoriam)

The Rev. J. Milton Gibson



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