Aryn & Devyn

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Aryn April Thomas


Devyn Terra Keeney


October 4, 2024

Chicago, IL
220 days220 d8 hours8 h56 minutes56 min

How We Met

We met over the internet as moderators for a community for FIRST Robotics. Aryn was living in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana at the time, working on her degree. Our first date was the FIRST World Championship in Houston, Texas in 2018, and we officially started dating by the time of the Indiana Robotics Invitational later that year.

Moving In Together

After many years of a long-distance relationship, with many train and bus rides to go see each other every few months, Aryn finally graduated with her degree in Mechanical Engineering. She moved in with Devyn in Chicago, finding a cute apartment in the Bridgeport neighborhood very close to where Devyn was studying to finish up her own degree in Computer Engineering.

Next Steps

In 2023, we moved into the Printer's Row neighborhood! Devyn was done with school, so we wanted to move somewhere more convenient for getting around the city! It's a great neighboorhood, conveniently next to both public transit and a really good farmers market. Soon after, we added our darling son, Milton the cat, to our family. He's the love of both our lives and the perfect lil cat.