David & Cale

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July 5, 2024

San Diego, CA
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Our Story

We met during the first few days of our medical school orientation when we were made to play a game where we share interesting facts about ourselves. Cale, driven by determination and admiration, set his sights on making David his partner for the game. David was initially indifferent but couldn't resist the allure of Cale's charm. It didn't take long for Cale to win David's heart, and we first shared our affection for each other at Gumby's Pizza, right after one of our friends took a shot of ranch dressing. Soon after we went on our first date at Chili's (our favorite chain restaurant). The medical school years flew by, and we ultimately ended up matching on opposite sides of the country for residency. Despite the geographical challenge, we were determined to make our love endure and through embracing a year of long-distance, our love grew stronger. Thankfully through supportive residency programs and a little luck, Cale was able to join David in Seattle. In our third year of residency, we celebrated our pediatric training ending while vacationing in Maui. On our first day, Cale revealed he had made reservations for the following evening, causing David to become suspicious. David fought the urge to spoil the surprise, choosing instead to savor the moment and immerse himself in the joy of a sunset sailing cruise on Maalaea Bay, accompanied by a touch of indulgent alcohol. Cale popped the question, and David said yes. We celebrated that night over Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. And now, we cannot wait to celebrate our wedding with each of you.