Future Mr. and Mrs. Shadoan!


We're getting married!

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Dakota Shadoan


Allison Fosmark

June 22, 2024

Stayton, OR
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How We Met


From the perspective of Allison- "Our love story started off complicated. If you were to ask him, he'd probably tell you differently. When we met, we worked together. Technically, I was his boss. We officially worked together a little over a year and became pretty good friends in that time. But, I must admit, there were a few moments I had to excuse myself and talk myself out of having a crush on him. As time went on, a few events occurred: Covid19 which resulted in the closure of the bank branch we were working at as well as me getting really sick which resulted in getting my tonsils taken out. What amazed me was he drove to my parents house , where I was staying, during that recovery period almost everyday from Dallas just to keep me company and watch movies together. For reference, that is about an hour drive 1 way. Not too long after that, we shared our first kiss together and I looked at him with surprise and asked "Wait, you like like me?!". And with a short and sweet "Yes" we started our love story."

The Proposal


The proposal happened on their 3 year anniversary at Multnomah Falls and here is the significance. 3 years ago, they were going out on dates together but were not going steady. Just testing the waters. Dakota decided he wanted to ask Allison out officially and had planned on asking her out at Multnomah Falls since they both love hiking and this was a bucket list item of hers. Before he could make that happen, they found out that Multnomah was closed due to fires all over Oregon and were not able to do it. 3 years later, Dakota made an elaborate plan to finally take Allison there on their anniversary. Once he drove her their, they quickly took to the trail and got to enjoy the views on a gorgeously sunny day. When they made it to the top of the falls, they came to a little wooden platform that overlooked the fall's top. He motioned for Allison to go to the edge and take in the views since this was her first time seeing it. While she stood there, she waited for Dakota to join her on that busy platform. Once a spot opened up next to her, she turned around eagerly to get Dakota to join her and saw him down on one knee, ring in hand. Over the sound of the crowd behind him, clicking of the photographer, and falls to the side of them, he made a wonderful speech about how their journey started and how he wanted to be by her side the rest of their lives and asked her to marry him. She, of course, said yes! After photos were taken, she saw that their closest friends and her brother had come out to the falls to witness this occasion. After a few more photos and a nice lunch with everyone, they split off from the group to finish their anniversary as well as enjoy their first day as fiancés.

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