Geraldine & Craig


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Geraldine Davila


Craig Lind

April 6, 2024

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Our love story

Geraldine and Craig met online in July of 2020, just like every single modern love story. Gera had just landed back in DC from her month-long trip to Puerto Rico to escape the loneliness of her studio apartment in Crystal City, Virginia during the beginning months of the pandemic. Craig saw Gera's picture on a dating app and verbatim said "that's never coming back" as he swiped right on her. A few hours later they matched, he used a cheesy line in Spanish and they began talking. After that, they started a beautiful relationship, full of trips, family, date nights, hangouts with friends, and playing SO much Catan (it was COVID!). They got to know each other deeply, went through hard times, moved in together in early 2022 and even started a dog sitting business together, Aunt G. Dog Sitting. In November of 2022, Gera took Craig to the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve in Puerto Rico for a weekend getaway to celebrate his 28th birthday. As they walked along the halls of the resort, they knew that this would become a very special place for them. During that weekend, they cemented their desires of being together forever, and decided to make the resort their wedding venue! A few months later, on February 18, 2023, in a beautiful beach on a gorgeous day in Laguna Beach, California, Craig proposed and Gera said YES! They are so excited to start this new chapter in their lives and even more excited that they get to invite their friends and family back to the place where they made the joint decision to get married. It'll be a very special weekend, just as special as the first time they were there.

For all the days along the way
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