Courtney & Jammahl


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Jammahl Francis


Courtney DeGeorge

Panama City

Panamá Province

November 9

109 days109 d53 minutes53 min58 seconds58 s

Our love story

The Genesis of it all

It all started back in the summer/fall of 2016. Courtney’s friend had tickets for indoor skydiving and she wanted to make a game out of it. They were all a part of this Facebook relationship group where like minded individuals were looking for companionship. Courtney was tasked in finding eligible bachelors for her friends game. Jammahl was one of the bachelors Courtney chose for her friend. She showed her friend his Facebook profile, and she said, “No, he’s not my type.” Courtney told Jammahl he was not chosen and went on her merrily little way. Weeks later Jammahl slides into Courtney’s DM, and asks her how she’s doing. They slowly start talking and build a DM friendship. They exchange phone numbers, but nothing too serious. One day, Courtney was fed up with Jammahl not calling her, so she called him. She said, “Why don’t you call me? I’m use to men calling me and wanting to talk, you don’t do that!” He apologized and explained that he worked a lot, but he was planning a date. Jammahl sprung into action and the day of the date comes; it’s a Mediterranean restaurant called Cafe Pita. Courtney had never eaten here before, but Jammahl swore by this place and she followed his lead. The restaurant was empty, but Courtney thought nothing of it. Unsure of what to order, she ordered the lasagna, but the ingredients said, “mystery meat.” The food was great and they both left the date happy. That night, Courtney became ill. She had gotten food poisoning from the “mystery meat” and this was her sign from God that Jammahl was trying to kill her. She went to work sick and felt horrible. Jammahl called Courtney (finally) that day to check on her. She explained that she had food poisoning and he felt really bad. He came to her job and brought her soup and medicine to settle her stomach. Courtney admired the way he cared for her, was nurturing and showed compassion. That was the moment she knew she could date him. Jammahl says he knew Courtney was the one when she cooked for him for the first time. All he needs is a full belly and he’s all smiles. Over the years, they’ve built a life together with Courtney’s son William, who knows Jammahl as dad 🫶🏽

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