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Our Day 1's

Meet our bridal party. Each one holds a unique and very special place in our hearts. We are so humbled by their sacrifice and beyond grateful for everything they have done to help make our wedding day memorable for us.

Leondrea Whitaker

Matron of Honor

What do you say about the friend who has seen it all with you? We met my freshman year in high school 36 years ago, and it's been a wild ride ever since. Leondrea is the friend I can count on to pray for me through the storms and find a way to have my belly aching with laughter all at the same time. We have talked about this day forever, and while it only seemed like a maybe to me, I believe she prayed for it and believed on my behalf. I am honored that in the midst of all things, she is still by my side. I love you girl - this will be one for the memory books!

Bert Petersen

Man of Honor

It's only been 13 years of friendship, and yet Bert is like the family I grew up with. He's my brother, my confidante, my trash-talking, over-the-top, always gotta-be "EXTRA" friend, who gives me room to be all of the above as well. In our friendship there really is no such thing as EXTRA, we just are who we are for each other. Russell said he knew when choosing me, that Bert's friendship was a part of the package. 😂 Bert also did all the shopping in search of the perfect engagement ring for Russell to propose with and they did really well I must say. Thank you for just being your most audacious, living-out-loud self always! There are no other words to describe you better than my Man of Honor. It really is my honor to have you in my life and by my side. Russell and I love you madly!

Toni Garcia


Hairstylist. Friend. "We outside" partner. I could share a million things we are and do for each other. Toni is the friend who laughs with me about my silliest moments without judgment and encourages me to go further in everything I do. She's my cheerleader and hype woman, the one I often find myself dropping whatever I'm doing to say Yes to some shenanigans she's about to get us into. I love our adventurous, crazy, non-judgmental, just figuring it out as we go friendship! I love you girl, and I'll always be "ready to go", or come get you out of a situation! 😜

Janelle Murray-Teagle


I mean the picture says it all. A diva in her own world, my baby sister is everything. The one who will make sure she shines - even on my wedding day. But I'm here for it because she comes through. Her heart is big as gold and her attitude is even bigger. Most days start with a 6 am phone call asking her how I should braid my hair next and the day ends with a 7 pm call with her yelling at me saying, "What do you want?" I laugh and keep talking. LOL. I love you, I love you, I love you - and I'm going to keep calling you to tell you no matter how many times you snap at me for doing so! You gonna let this love in. 😂

Janeen Murray


My other "wanna-be big" sister, who actually lets me be a big sister - most of the time. She's our quiet one, but don't be fooled. Any Jay-Z song that gets played, you may be wondering - quiet, where? This one has a heart of gold, would literally do anything she could to be there for you, and never seeks to be acknowledged. I'm always so proud and in awe of how she moves quietly through life while making big moves. I love you sis and know that this day wouldn't be a big day without you by my side. My only words to you - be ready for the bouquet - it's yours to catch! ;)

Erin Murray


They say cousins are your first best friends. I couldn't agree more. I loved the days when Erin and I walked to school together, played double-dutch with cable wires, and had many cousin sleepovers. My favorite memory is the time we were coloring in our coloring books, and we didn't have a yellow crayon for my sun. Erin, without hesitation, said "The sun doesn't have to be yellow. It's your picture and the sun can be whatever color you want it to be." It wasn't just what she said, it was the confidence in how she said it. It would turn out to be a life lesson that I live by. She's been my inspiration to learn how to celebrate myself, and we always know the moment when the other needs just one word from each other. I love you cousin forever and always! Although I can have it go anyway I want it to, the day would be incomplete without you.

Howard Stevenson


How do you begin to do justice to the term "best friend"? The one who has been there for you even when you didn't know you needed him? The one who has shared & taught and revealed things to you about yourself that were hidden even from your view? The one who has shown you the better parts of yourself that you didn't even know were possible? Howard, this is who you are for me. I am eternally grateful (& humbled) for your friendship over the past 25 years and am honored that you agreed to stand with me on this most significant of all days. Thank you brother!

Kai Morris

Best Man

Kai Nsilo (Swahili for "fortunate prince"), you are the reason that I became a father. While your brothers obviously now share me with you, you (and only you) are what initially defined me as "Dad". No one can take your place as my "first-born", and this day would be so much less fulfilling if you weren't with me by my side. I am proud to be your Dad, and I thank you for standing by me. Thank you son, & I love you.

Andrew Morris


Son, even though you are my "#2", I always had a sense that you would be the first to extend the legacy of "Morris" men. As now the proud (& excellent) father of three, including now your own son Amahn, you "get" what it means to have a son carry on your name. It is my privilege to see you father your children, and I pray I live long enough to see them honor you as you have honored me. Thank you Drew, for bringing your special brand of "Drew-ness" to this important day in my life, as well as that of your own family. My pride for who you have become as a man, a husband, and a father knows no limits. You and your family bring joy to my life! I love you.

Mark Morris


Mark, my "little" brother. Who knew that while you're ten years my junior, I would literally be looking up to you now that we're men. You have quietly supported and occasionally even looked up to me as your "big bro" even though I had moved on to college and my adult life while you were still young. I can only hope that I have been (& will continue to be) there for you throughout the rest of our lives as you have been for me. Thank you "little bro". I appreciate you!

Rahsaan Morris


Bruh, you have been that "Big brother" to me that I have always wanted. Someone who I admire, respect and come to in those life moments when only a brother would understand. While we may not be blood-related, we are connected in ways that sometimes even blood family are not, with a deep and abiding sense of love, admiration and mutual respect that can only come from someone you chose, and who chose you. Thank you my brother, your presence on our special day means so much to me. Thank you.

Lamont Murray


Yo "Mont"... even though you went the "other" way with your frat colors (lol), in the relatively short time that we have gotten to know each other since my being with your sister, you have treated me like a true brother. I respect and appreciate you for that, and I look forward to many rounds of golf, good bourbon, and fine cigars in the years to come! Thank you, for agreeing to stand by me as I make your sister my wife. Appreciate you.

Demetrius Murray

Son of the Bride & Groomsman

My pride and joy. My whole heartbeat for 31 years. The one who knows my everything. I always envisioned Demetrius would be the ringbearer in my wedding, but as life would have it, here we are finally, my son, walking me down the aisle. Literally, when Demetrius walks into a room my whole world lights up, his name comes across my phone and I smile deeply. I love his mature, confident, and gentle soul. I love the way he loves his family and looks after his wife. I had always prayed and required that the man I marry would love him as much as he loved me. So it warms my heart to know that Russell wants Demetrius by his side as well, and I love that he said yes. I love you, son. It's always been "us", and now we find ourselves creating a new meaning of "us", you and your wife along with me and my husband. I'm proud of you, proud of us -as we've expanded our hearts and let others in to love! I'm looking forward to all the "doubles" we get to share together from here on out. Here's to our expanded "US"!💕

Alaya & Alani Morris

Flower girls

Words hardly convey the depth of the LOVE and JOY my heart overflows with for my darling Granddaughters Alaya and Alani! THANK YOU both, for not only being who you are, but for adding your special kind of love to your Grandpa's special day! You both being here to share it with me & "Contessa!!" makes it just that much more special! Grandpa loves you both!! You are my angels!

Harmani DeLarge

Harmani's moment

Y'all, listen...my great niece, my baby girl is planning to have her whole moment, and I am here to let her have it. She's supposed to be a flower girl, but I think she is creating her own role. I will always encourage the confidence to be her own person. I love this girl with everything. She is the most giving and thoughtful young lady I know. My favorite story about Harmani is when her mom said she came home with holes in her tights. She told her mom that she put them there because a classmate had holes in his clothes and others were teasing him. So she matched his clothes so he would feel okay. Ahhhhh...don't you just love her for that!!! That sums up the heart of Harmani. I love you Harmani and your gigantic, compassionate heart! Let's go baby girl!

Logan Murray

Ring Security

Watch out for the ring security, my nephew Logan! Don't be fooled by that innocence in his face, but you should beware of the brilliance of his mind. I love the laughter we share during our annual gingerbread house event, which has now turned into a dance-a-thon. I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments. He's athletic, smart, and pretty darn handsome. I love you Logan and I'm trusting you with the most precious item of the day. I know you can handle it!😘

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