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Contessa Murray


Russell Morris


October 14, 2023

Phila, PA

It's been 5 years of faith, challenges, questions, overcoming fears, and completing our past. This is what it looks like when love wins!

How we met...

"I need some coaching... do you have a few minutes?"

Little did either of us know, that on that fateful day when we first officially met and talked, what was intended to be just a 10-minute coaching call would evolve into a two-hour conversation that began the rest of our lives. That should have been a hint to what was to follow a predictable first date of a movie, dinner, and a cigar, with a week in Europe! I think I knew then that Contessa was not "your average chick". She was definitely something special!...

When we Knew

Could it be on our 2nd date in Nice, France?

Actually, it wasn't. In fact, we would come home from the romance and fairytale to really confront life. The questions Do you like me, or the idea of me? What do you really value? What's incomplete for you in life? The pandemic turned out to be the blessing needed for our relationship to blossom. Weeks of isolation that we took advantage of to just talk, discover each other, and know each other's hearts. He also let me cut his hair, although I had to read the instructions for the clippers. It was love or stupidity, maybe both, either way, that's when I knew.

For all the days along the way
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