Desiree & James

We're so excited to celebrate our wedding with you.





October 28, 2023

Mira Loma, CA
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How We Met

Vampires or Zombies that is the question?

We met at kmart! We were both just 20 years old at our first retail job! The starter conversation you ask? "Who would win Vampires or Zombies?" He said Zombies she said Vampires. From then on we've been inseparable and yes 10 years later we can still debate Vampires or Zombies?

How he proposed!

It’s just a hike…a six mile hike!

Picture this… 5:00am getting ready to start our hike from Devils Postpile to Rainbow falls. It’s cold, we are both sleepy but excited to start our adventure! We finally start at 6:00am and it’s still dark out. Stopped whenever we could for pictures James setting up the tripod every time me wondering why because we aren’t the take a bunch of selfies type of people. I kept seeing how he would look defeated every time people were around. Three miles later we finally made it to Rainbow Falls James says “let’s take a selfie?” I say “ok but let me take off my sweater.” as I removed my sweater and turned around there he was on one knee. He asked the question obviously I said yes! We took our picture and… we had to… hike back… the three miles but this time as an engaged couple and it was totally worth it!