July 17, 2021
Fairfax, California

Ariel & Clark

    Who's Who

Who's Who

A rundown of the characters who will be walking down the aisle with us and tearing it up on the dance floor.

Bruce & Becky Berk

Parents of the Bride

While it's never easy having them so far away on the other side of the country, Bruce and Becky stay in close touch with both Ariel and Clark. They have provided endless amounts of support, guidance, wisdom and perspective, especially over the past year. Time together is extra special, whether a foggy visit to SF or sitting on the dock during the annual summer reunion in New Hampshire. Ariel and Becky can enjoy hours reading together in the sun, and Clark and Bruce can seemingly spend hours talking about sports. It will be an absolute blast having everyone together again to celebrate. You will likely see these two swing dancing the night away, just don't let Bruce give you a hard time!

Larry & Anne Gieseke

Parents of the Groom

These two are Clark’s biggest fans—through the winning seasons and the rebuilding years (as they say in sports). Anne, lovingly known as Supermom, always finds opportunities to get the family together, from her 98-year-old father to her grandchildren. She lends a listening ear during walks with the dogs and catch-ups over Micheladas. Larry and Clark have been able to spend more time together on the golf course this past year, now that Clark has caught the bug. He is always good for sharing lots of advice and perspective, branded “Larry Logic.” If you catch him at the wedding, you’re bound to hear some. They are incredibly loving and supportive to both Clark and Ariel, and they couldn’t be more thankful to have the Giesekes nearby.

Kathryn Gissiner

Maid of Honor

Kathryn and Ariel met the first week of freshman year of college, and have been a bonded pair ever since. Luckily, they both live in SF where they've been able to continue their life adventures. Kathryn has been a rock for Ariel in so many ways. They've made many dinners for each other, gone on countless hikes, and dabbled in lots of crafting. Kathryn also runs marathons like it's nothing, but Ariel just cheers from the sidelines for those. It feels fitting that Ariel and Kathryn are both engaged and have been able to experience the fun of wedding planning together.

Grant Gieseke

Best Man

Clark has known Grant his whole life and has always admired his quick witted sense of humor which continues to put the family in a state of uncontrollable laughter when Grant gets rolling. Grant is now Super Dad to two beautiful kids you'll see waltzing around the dance floor, Madeline and Camden. Clark was Grant's best man as well and these two best friends couldn't be luckier to have each other as brothers.

Shanley McClure


Shanley has been a special part of many different stages of Ariel and Clark's lives in SF. She was a close friend to both Ariel and Clark, and helped introduce them and encourage their relationship when they all started working together. For awhile, Shanley was the only one who knew they were dating! Shanley is a warm soul, a pizza connoisseur, is always down for a heart-to-heart wine night. She gives the best hugs and is an endlessly empathetic and supportive friend to them both. Although she does encourage Clark's sneaker habit a little too much...

Spencer Howerton


Spencer and Clark met in 7th grade and bonded over their love of playing Madden and watching football. Spencer has always had the ability make friends with anyone and everyone. With Clark being a big Dolphins fan and Spencer being a big Panthers fan, they both suffered through many difficult Sundays together. They both picked up golfing this past year as well, so make sure you don't get a tee time right behind them.

Julia Cowenhoven


Julia has been a steadfast friend of Ariel's since 6th grade as they've grown through many milestones. They've had so many fun times together from singing on the JV soccer bus, to spending time in Boston, to a shared love for photography, and all the summers at the lake. It should also be noted that Justin Timberlake would be proud of the way Julia dances to NSYNC. Ariel has found Julia's resilience through the grind of medical school and residency very inspiring, and she will no doubt be a wildly compassionate and dedicated doctor.

Aaron Haga


Clark met Aaron in 7th grade and Clark has always admired Aaron's laid-back nature combined with his relentless work ethic. Aaron has also been known to order 17 shots (a bottle's worth) when places say they don't do bottle service. Absolute legend, never a dull moment with Aaron.

Maddie Collins


Maddie and Ariel hit it off in 9th grade due to Maddie's quirky humor and love of acronyms. From backstage managing the musicals, to basement sleepovers, to having no idea what's going on in math class, to many less than graceful exits off the ski lift, they've had many weird and wonderful times together. While previously famous for her Vulcan salutation and her lifeguarding tan lines, more recently Maddie has become the most amazing mama to baby Gus!

Brandon McLarty


As you can see from the picture, Brandon really knows how to make people laugh. Clark and Brandon became close friends in high school, where Brandon was naturally voted class clown of '07. Clark likes to think he helped sharpen Brandon's sense of humor, and while no one else has attested to this, we continue to let Clark believe.

Meredith Goodrich


Meredith and Ariel didn't meet until junior year of college, but became fast friends living in a small six-person suite with zero privacy. Meredith is a hilarious storyteller and has an uncanny Amy Poehler-like vibe. Even though they live on opposite coasts, Meredith loves to travel and plan the group's reunion trips from SF to DC to Denver to New Orleans. They've shared many belly laughs and fittingly, they've also watched the movie Bridesmaids together too many times to count.

Brendan Gaines


B Gaines has always been the smartest of the group since they met back in 6th grade. Brendan typically hosted the group as he had a pool, hot tub, poker table, and solid snacks. Somehow in Middle School, Brendan always knew he was going to be in TV/movie entertainment business. He directed some incredible videos for our art productions class in high school and you knew if you had him on your team you were in good hands and to this day I'm sure any show/movie he works on feels the same.

Hildi Forton


Ariel met Hildi freshman year of college and quickly learned that Hilds has the sweetest smile you'll ever see, but also breaks it DOWN on the dance floor. They lived together for a couple years on campus, during which they ate way too many flatbread pizzas, had a wild spring break in Palm Springs, and discovered that Hildi can make a perfect poached egg. While they try to see each other once a year, this year they're getting lucky as they will be celebrating both of their weddings!

Nick Bohacek


Nick and Clark have been close friends since Middle School as well. Nick has an incredible quick-witted sense of humor, an unmatched ability to tell a story, and a laugh that contagiously gets others laughing. Nick recently moved back to California and the entire state couldn't be more excited to welcome him back.

Jason Berk


Ariel met Jason when she was 3 years old, and has been stuck with him ever since. Luckily, he's pretty great. Clark and Jason immediately hit it off and have developed an amazing relationship over the past 5 years, part of which included Jason helping out with the rather elaborate engagement proposal and web of lies to keep it a surprise. Ariel and Clark are so honored to have him be such a big part of their day.

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