November 23, 2019

Clarissa & Fernando

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party



Welcome to our wedding page!! I'm beyond excited to marry the love of my life on November 23rd, 2019 & I cannot wait! Pepe is not only my partner but he is also my best friend in the whole entire world & I can't wait to say the special words of "I DO." Every since I was a little girl I have dreamed about my fairy tale, walking down the aisle, in my white dress. I have no words to describe my happiness & can't contain my excitement as our happily ever after approaches. I hope everyone can join us on our special day. Cheers & big thank you in advance. Let's celebrate together! With love, The bride to be Clari



Sabia que esta fecha llegaría, desde el día que la conocí vi en ella algo muy especial, hemos pasado momentos increíbles juntos, experiencias que jamás cambiaria por nada, se convirtió en mi mejor amiga, mi novia y ahora se convertirá en mi esposa, este viaje que hemos tomado juntos no tiene fin, y seguiremos creando momentos increíbles. Este momento es para celebrarlo, y ustedes son parte muy importante de el, espero todos nos puedan acompañar ese día que marcara nuestras historias. Con cariño, The groom to be


Mother of the Bride

Clari & Fer, One of the greatest blessings every mother would want to have is seeing their daughter get married to the man of her dreams. I am so glad that I will be able to witness the marriage of you and pepe. Pepe is an amazing man & It brings me an endless amount of joy. I know you are going to be an amazing wife and one day an amazing mother. I wish you both a lifetime of joyous moments and memories that you both can treasure forever. Your happiness and watching you smile makes my life beautiful! Love, Norma


Mother of the Groom

Clari y Fer, Han dado el primer paso de lo que será una vida llena de felicidad para ambos. Que el amor reyne por siempre en su matrimonio. 👰🏻 Puedo ver en sus miradas el gran amor que se tienen , siento que la vida les tiene preparadas cosas maravillosas. Que Dios bendiga su unión hoy y siempre, muchas felicidades 🙏🏻 Con mucho cariño, Rouss

Diana Sandoval

Wedding Coach/Planner

Clari y Pepe, Muchísimas gracias por la confianza y dejarnos ser parte de el día más importante y especial de sus vidas. Estamos super emocionados y felices de organizar su boda y diseñar toda su decoración . Sabemos lo importante que es para ustedes así que lo haremos como si fuera nuestra propia boda. Les deseamos todo lo mejor hoy y siempre . Equipo Diana Sandoval


Maid of Honor

Clari, You are the most beautiful kind hearted girl I’ve ever known & I’m so lucky to have you as my sister! You are my best friend to laugh with, best friend to cry on, best movie buddy, and best advice giver! Pepe is a very lucky man and I wish you both the best life together forever & always. Love, Your little sis



Clari y Fer, Ténganse paciencia y mucha comunicación. Siempre digan lo que sienten. Ríanse, diviértanse, platiquen y comuniquen todos los días. Los quiero! Love, Angela



Mi Clari B! Felicidades en esta nueva etapa que están por empezar, les deseo lo mejor y mucho amor. Se que esperas con ansias este momento y soy feliz de ser parte de su historia de amor. Love, Astrid



Clari, En ti encontré una gran amiga, la persona que cuando me sentía triste o estresada siempre encontraba la manera de hacerme ver las cosas con calma. Me da tanta felicidad y alegría ser parte de esta nueva etapa que estás apunto de empezar con la persona que amas. Te quiero y te deseo toda la felicidad del mundo. Disfruta cada momento! Vas a ser la novia más bonita. Gracias por hacerme parte de este día. Te quiero mucho amiga! Love, Denisse



Clari, May your love continue to grow each and every year. You and Pepe couldn’t be more perfect for one another. My advice to you is always treat each other with respect, make time together a priority and never go to bed upset at each other. I love you and I can’t wait for the big day ❤️ P.S Marriage is like a fine wine it only gets better with time. Love, Deya



Clarissa, I'd first like to say that it brings me so much joy to see the both of you so happy in this chapter. Growing up together as cousins we have so many great memories together even though we first lived hours away from each other. But since you have moved to Houston it has brought us closer and we continue to create memories that will last a lifetime. I remember the first few times you brought Pepe around and the way you would light up when you were around him I could tell that he was the one for you. I want to wish you guys the best on this new journey, I know Pepe is going to make you the happiest girl in the world. Love, Liliana



Clari & Fer, Im not an expert at this but my best advise is to ALWAYS work on your marriage. It’s the most important thing. A good marriage is a foundation to bring your kids in a home that has so much love already. Be married and in love ! Love, Lucia



Clari, I would like for you to know that I truly value our friendship and feel that we have come a long way! Over the years, our girl bond has only gotten stronger and I look forward to making many more fun memories with you! Thank you for letting me be a part of your happily ever after with the love of your life! 💕 Love, Macy



Clari , We have so many memories! I couldn’t be happier for you and Pepe! I wish you all the best as you begin another chapter of your lives! Thank you for your friendship. I love you!! Love, Marcela



Clari, We have been friends and practically sisters since we were children. I’ll never forget our magical grammar parties and how we met in Mrs. Gapswitch class! We grew up together and went through many chapters of life together! Here comes your most exciting one! I am so excited to watch you embark on this next journey with your best friend Pepe! I am extremely blessed to be apart of it and watch you walk down the aisle! God has made you just for Pepe and Pepe just for you, enjoy and soak up every minute of it! Only more and more exciting chapters to come! Love you forever Morena!!! Love, Mere



Clari, I am so sooooo happy for you and Pepe!! I love seeing how compatible the both of you are with each other! It’s like your the same person. I wish you the most loving and successful marriage in this journey. Thank you for being such a loving and loyal friend to me. You deserve the world and more. 😘 Love, Sofi💖

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