June 29, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia

Christina & Chris


A celebration 15 years in the making


Chris O’Neill


Christina Sobrepena


British Columbia

June 29


Our Story

Chris first met Christina in passing in 1998, Chris remembers the exact moment they met, Christina does not. They eventually became friends in 2001, while attending high school together at St. John Brebeuf in Abbotsford (shout out to the class of 2002!) Their friendship was unlikely: Chris liked to party, played basketball and negotiate his way though passing his classes. Christina always finished her homework, sat on student council and never broke her 10 pm curfew. Regardless, as friends they made each other laugh, talked on MSN, played lots of Big 2 and even shared a slow dance in senior year. Christina remembers, Chris does not. In the years following high school, these two stayed friends, often running into each other at parties and mutual friend’s birthdays. Eventually they started making plans to meet up on purpose and finally went on a real date to watch Startsky and Hutch (bet you didn’t think a Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson movie would be part of their love story, but here we are). Over the next 10 years, they’d become best friends, fall in love, move in together, cheer each other on though university, first careers, travel and have adventures. Their greatest adventure came in 2014 when they welcomed their daughter Elaina, a bright ray of sunshine who made their already awesome life together even more awesome. Over the past 5 years, they’ve continued to cheer each other on, though promotions, starting a business, and figuring out parenthood--all while raising the coolest kid ever. So 15 years later, Chris and Christina are ready for the next adventure...planning a wedding celebrating their friendship, love and all the wonderful people they are thankful to have in their lives ❤️ LET’S PARTY 🎉