Christian & Kaitlynn

Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us.

Tori Kislenger

Maid of Honor

Tori and I met 4 years ago when we worked at Waxing the City and we've been inseparable ever since. "What an odd pairing." our boss at the time said. What an idiot.

Zach VanWormer

Best Man

Christian's brother.

Shae Durene


Kaitlynn's bestie that she met while becoming an esthie! A beautiful and gorgeous specimen and the cutest mama to the two cutest little boys.

Matt Rowan


Christian's big lovable friend who has been an important part of his life!

Ben Golden


Kaitlynn's son that she met while working at Barker's. Former roomie and recipient of matching Bob's Burgers tattoo. The most lovable guy!

Wyatt Krueger


Wyatt the riot! A great friend to Christian and a great pal to the world.

Dylan Childs


Kaitlynn's brother and also bestie. Following in his big sister's footsteps and serving this great nation in the Air Force.

Randall Giraud


No one can hold a candle to Christian's pal Randle!

Emma Saeger


Christian's sister and mama to be.

Nick Giraud


Who else could Christian pick, other than Nick?!

Bethany Peterson


Christian's baby sister! The prettiest and sweetest little angel.

Bronson Woodworth


C'mon son, you thought we wouldn't include Bronson?!

Noah Peterson

Ring Bearer

Noah is Christian's younger brother and the keeper of the rings!

Addison Larson

Flower Girl

Addison is Kaitlynn's 10 year old sister. She is crazy excited to be a flower girl!

Lexi Wallace

Flower Girl

Lexi is Kaitlynn's youngest sister, she is 10 years old. She has been ready to be apart of our wedding since day one.

Jonathan Larson


Jonathan is Kaitlynn's younger brother, he is 13 and very outgoing!

Tate Wallace


Tate is Kaitlynn's youngest brother, he's 12 years old and very personable!