May 7, 2022
Boston, MA

Chloe & Pat

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Bill Giguere

Best Man

Pat and Bill shared bunk beds from the early 90's until the early 00's. This will be the first time they've been in the same room since. If you ever want to prank call someone - Bill has the exact same phone number as Pat, just change the 3 to a 4 at the end.

Aimee McCarthy

Matron of Honor

As her sister, godmother and best friend - Chloe has always looked up to Aimee, so much so that she even followed her footsteps and went to Providence College. Go Friars! Today Aimee's the person Chloe goes to for advice or to have a fun night out and she couldn't be happier to have her by her side for her big day.

Carlos Negrete


Carlos first met Pat at Emerson College and after graduation they started working at ESPN on the same day. Rumor has it they once lied about having attended the Tour de France to work on the same shift together. Few things make Chloe more uncomfortable than the amount of time Pat and Carlos spend on the phone.

Rebecca Stock

Matron of Honor

Although Becca is Chloe's cousin they might as well be sisters for how much time they spent together growing up. Over the years, they filled their time eating pickles, playing Barbies, making up choreographed dances to Brian Setzer, wearing studded belts, and listening to Emo music. Chloe was Becca's Maid of Honor when she got married and Chloe is so excited to have her as one of her Matrons of Honor.

Tim Zientek


While at Emerson College, Tim had the misfortune of being randomly assigned Pat as a roommate during their semester in The Netherlands. They've bungee jumped in Croatia, rappelled down canyons in Utah and road-tripped together across most of the US. Meeting Tim was Pat's favorite part of college. Tim writes for the Netflix show "Q-FORCE" watch it!

Colleen Teixeira

Matron of Honor

Colleen has been Chloe's best friend since they were at Duxbury Middle School. After all this time, best friends doesn't quite cut it anymore, as Colleen considers herself a part of the family and Chloe wouldn't have it any other way. Chloe was honored to be Colleen's Maid of Honor when she got married and is lucky to return the favor having Colleen as one of her Matron of Honors on the big day.

Robbie Vrolyk


Off the record - if a snowball hit your car in Boylston during the early 2000's, it was probably thrown by Robbie or Pat. On the record - no it wasn't, we were probably inside doing our homework or volunteering and there's no way you can prove it was us.

Sue Casale


Sue is the best dancer Chloe knows and her sister-in-law (in that order). When Chloe was a kid she was used as a prop for Sue and Paulie to meet. That day, Paulie and Sue started falling in love and Chloe had her bangs cut too short - a fair trade off. Now, Chloe is honored to have Sue by her side on her wedding day.

Monique Schmidt


Pat and Monique grew up together in Boylston and dedicated the first 18 years of their life to winning the "Class Pranksters" superlative in their high school class (yearbook picture above). Monique is the funniest person Pat knows and their closeness is only superseded by Chloe and Monique's shared interest in Britney Spears' Instagram page.

Katie Olivier


When Chloe arrived at Providence College she was nervous being away from home for the first time - but things were made easier by the fact she won the lottery being assigned Katie as a roommate. Whether it's her addictive laugh, sandwich artistry skills, killer dance moves, or ability to turn snapchat filters into an art form - Katie has had Chloe crying laughing since day one.

Brendan Shanahan


Brendan and Pat have been best buds since they were tots, having both grown up in Boylston. Brendan has a PhD in History, was Valedictorian of his university, teaches at Yale and is the most genuine and kind person Pat has ever met. Fellow scholars have yet to determine why he voluntarily spends time with Pat.

Melissa Crimmins


Although Chloe and Melissa both grew up in Duxbury together - they didn't really become friends until September 2009 when they were both dropped off at Providence College and needed shoulders to cry on when they were immediately homesick. That Crimmins Girl is worth the wait - they've been inseparable since.

Isaiah Rosario


Despite hailing from El Paso, TX - Isaiah refuses to admit he's heir to the "Old El Paso" Mexican seasoning blend. But what he can't deny is: he met Pat while they were working together at ESPN, they both got transferred to the Austin office, hung out every day and had super fun times (evidence above).

Katie Giguere


Katie and Chloe became friends at Providence College and good thing they did because it was at her wedding to Pat's brother Bill where Chloe and Pat got together. Being with one of the Giguere boys takes an emotional toll so Chloe is lucky to have a friend who GETS IT.

Clyde Harris


To clarify, if you go on Wikipedia this is not Clyde Harris the interior decorator who died in 1958 or the Clyde Harris New Zealand cricket umpire who died in 1981. This Clyde Harris (arguably the most famous and the most alive) Pat met in grad school in London. He is a fantastic filmmaker, an incredible person and if you ask politely he does a FLAWLESS English accent.

Katy Giguere


The original Katy Giguere, the "nice Giguere child", the "aww it's a shame she's had to deal with those two brothers" Giguere - 'nuff said. But really, Chloe couldn't be more pleased that she has gained a friend, wine buddy, and deep life chat partner in Katy.

Steve Hughson


Steve and Pat grew up together in Boylston. When Pat got suspended for saying the word "merkin" (a pubic wig fashionable in the 18th century) over the school intercom during morning announcements - it was Steve who wore a suit to school, immediately founded the "student union" and demanded justice. There is still an ironing stain on Pat's parents table from where Steve was making "I <3 Pat" protest shirts. But where there should've been a heart, Steve put a merkin. Steve passed away in 2016 and Pat often thinks about stories like that and how uniquely lucky we all were to have had such a legend as a friend.

Emmy Cipolletti

Honorary Bridesmaid

Chloe and Emmy met in freshman year gym class at Duxbury when Emmy pinched and poked her, an obvious way to make new friends. Always the loudest in a room, her snort laugh could carry for miles - all the times driving around in Emmy's Jeep with the windows rolled down blasting music are some of Chloe's favorite memories from high school. Emmy passed away in 2016 and Chloe loves to think back to times like the picture above when they would just hang out in Chloe's room and laugh until it hurt.

Paul Casale Jr.


We're honored to have Pat's friend / Chloe's brother Paul marrying us! We chose Paul because he's the most fun guy we know, he sets a great example for both of us on how to be a loving partner and he's given us endless support over the years. We can't wait for him to make this thing official!

Mia, Tripp & Sophia Casale

Junior Bridal Party

Even if they weren't their nieces and nephew - Chloe and Pat would still want to hang out with Mia, Tripp and Sophia because they're super cool humans. We're honored to have them as our junior bridal party and so lucky have them in our lives.

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