Celia & Dain


Dain Vallie


Celia Yost

September 8, 2023

Manheim, PA
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How We Met

It was on a fall day in 2020 that we met for the first time at a DiscipleMakers event. We had a lot in common between being involved in DM and both being Physical Therapy majors at Lebanon Valley College. Not long after this, we were all sent home (again) for a few months due to you-know-what, so it was months until we saw each other again. After we returned to campus in February, you know how it goes - we started talking more during group events, then gradually began spending time one-on-one. Celia was immediately attracted to Dain's energy, smile, and welcoming personality, and Dain liked Celia's playful attitude and enjoyment of adventure. Between a trip to Wal-Mart, a few hammocking sessions, and watching the sunrise together, things just naturally moved along. Another big factor at the beginning of our relationship was that Dain taught Celia how to drive stick shift! This set us up well for a good amount of (sometimes stressful) one-on-one time. It didn't take long to realize this relationship was going somewhere. Before we were even dating, Dain told his family that Celia was "the one," so to make it official he pulled off a super sweet surprise for Celia that involved stargazing, releasing floating lanterns (a dream come true for Celia due to her love of Tangled), and a group of our friends hiding (and freezing) in the field below to add to the number of lanterns in the sky. Over the last two years we have spent a lot of time together going to Hershey Park, studying, riding bikes, and much more. There have been lots of good times and difficult ones too, but they have made our relationship more genuine and deep. On our spring break trip to Florida in March of 2023, Dain took the big step and asked Celia to marry him in the most perfect, romantic way while we were stargazing at Cocoa Beach, and of course she answered with a very enthusiastic "yes yes yes!" And now we are so excited to celebrate our love and marriage with you just a few months later!