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Cecily Ridgeway


Darnell Austin

Montego Bay


August 12

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How We Met

Facebook, An Unconventional Date, and lots of Letters.

We have to thank Facebook for connecting us back in 2014. Although, we had no clue we were even friends or even had ever met before. During the beginning stages of the Pandemic Facebook Stories were a hit! You could see what everyone was up to in a simple post. Cecily saw Darnell in his work uniform and gave heart eyes. Darnell replied and asked her on a date. She turned him down and thought longer about it. After a couple of days, she went back to the offering and they scheduled a date. It was an unconventional date. Darnell planned a beach trip to Atlantic City. This type of date was right up Cecily's alley. He must have did his research on how much she loves beaches. August 1st, 2020 was their magical first date. A walk on the Pier, time spent on the beach, music, drinks, and food. Not to mention their first kiss under the moon. From that date on Darnell called everyday after and asked Cecily on many dates. For the next 30 days, they were inseparable. They then decided to become girlfriend and boyfriend. During these dates Darnell explained to Cecily that he would have to leave for Military Training for 3 months and for the first 2 months they would have to write letters and that he would not return until before Christmas. Cecily was heartbroken but understood and supported Darnell's new journey. This stage of their relationship was tense but also another part of the romantic ride. They got to write letters back and forth to each other for 2.5 months. Cecily bought new pens and paper and ran to the mailbox everyday after work to wait for her letters from Darnell. Through these letters Darnell and Cecily were able to bond and connect tremendously. Not to mention Darnell has great handwriting. Once Darnell finished his Military Training and Graduated he came back home. He came back to see Cecily and the rest was history. They had secured a place to live together where Darnell proposed 6 months later. They have been engaged since May 15, 2021 and in love since August 1, 2019.