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August 17, 2024

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About Carolina

By Jarrod

Carolina was raised in Parana Argentina, a small town about five hours northwest of Buenos Aires. Carolina once said, "Parana is the Boston of Argentina"... but they don't have Dunkin Donuts so I'm not sure the analogy works. Carolina was raised alongside her younger sister Aldana by her loving parents Felisa and Alejandro. Carolina excelled at school while regularly frequenting the local night clubs (#balance). She then took her talents to Buenos Aires and earned a degree in business administration, followed by a masters in finance. Carolina got her first real job at DirectTV (are they still in business?) and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. Realizing the traditional corporate life is not for her, she aced the GMAT in her second language (english), and applied to business school*. Carolina enrolled into MIT Sloan and quickly became one of the unofficial leaders of the so called "Latin Mafia" (no mob affiliation), who spent most nights breaking it down at La Fabrica. Upon graduation, Carolina co-founded BetterVet, a Boston based startup revolutionizing the veterinary industry. At this point, Jarrod and Carolina crossed paths and the rest is history. * Huge shout out to London Business School for wait-listing Carolina! Thank you!

About Jarrod

By Carolina

Jarrod was born near Salem (#witches) and grew up in Danvers Massachusetts. He started walking at 8 months and ice skating at 18 months. Not surprisingly, his first memory is in the ice hockey rink his dad built for him in the backyard. Jarrod grew up with his lovely parents and his smart sister (Jillian) with whom he had very little in common at the time. Being so athletic and handsome he doesn’t remember touching a book until college. In college, Jarrod realized that if he wanted to marry a smart woman or at least pay his student loans, he would need to step up his game. He graduated with a decent GPA and started his corporate career at State Street where he became the quickest Entry Level Associate to Vice President in the company's' very long 230-year history. Thanks to this job he started traveling internationally and developed a good interest in other cultures. This interest finally paid off when he matched with an Argentinian girl (who swindled him about her age).

The Proposal

By Jarrod

I made my first trip down to Argentina to meet Carolina’s friends and family in February 2022. After this trip, I was certain that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. So, I spent the next 15 months planning a “surprise” proposal. First up, I asked Carolina’s parents for their blessing (in Spanish). After speaking with Felisa and Alejandro, I began working on the crown jewel (aka the ring). I had never worn jewelry in my life and couldn’t tell you the difference between a carat and a carrot. So, I consulted an expert (asked Carolina), and she said, “I won’t help you with the ring, this is a test to see how well you really know me”. Challenge accepted. I designed a ring as unique as Carolina (check out the pictures in the gallery)! The ring arrived on Tuesday June 6th, and I couldn’t sleep until I put it on her finger. Thankfully, we had plans to see our favorite artist (Ziggy Alberts) in the UK that weekend followed by a week-long vacation on the Amalfi Coast with our friends Mili and Guilla. On Thursday, we boarded an overnight flight from Boston to London. Jetlagged, we landed at Heathrow the morning of Friday June 9th, and rented a car. Once I got the hang of driving a manual on the opposite side of the road, Carolina fell asleep in the passenger seat, and I drove past London to the Leeds Castle in the countryside. Just before dawn, with my heart racing, I removed my hand from hers, took an awkward step back, and got on one knee. Before I could finish the question, Carolina tackled me onto the grass, and we embraced. I guess that’s a… yes?

Future Plans?

We’ll let life surprise us

We plan to continue collecting memories and unique experiences while we are "young" (is 30 still considered young?). On the list, we have an African safari, the great pyramids in Egypt, see the northern lights, make it back to Rio for Carnival, and keep starting companies. Once we feel we have achieved at least part of this, we think we’ll settle down in Boston (for a while) and maybe start a family (contingent upon how well we raise our cat) until we retire and move to Argentina.

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