April 2, 2022
Southlake, TX

Cara & Corey

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

The family and friends who will be by our side as we say “I Do”.


Matron of Honor

Kim and Cara met more than 25 years ago at Southern University while they both were pursuing a degree in Computer Science. A year after college, Cara and Kim both lived in Cali and had the same fun that they experienced while at Southern. Cara relocated from Cali two years later and Kim made Cali her permanent home with her beautiful family. But even though they were on different coasts, Kim and Cara continued their Strong, Awesome, and Amazing BFF and Sister Bond. Ask them at the wedding what they were called while in college and what they did at the club in San Jose! #CleanFun


Maid of Honor

“Toshi”, which is Cara’s nickname for Natoshia, and Cara met more than 30 years ago as preteens. Even though they were in different locations after high school and mostly in their Adult Lives, Natoshia and Cara always kept in touch. When Cara moved to DFW 3 years ago, their kindred spirits became even stronger. Natoshia was also with Cara on the day that Corey and Cara began the relationship journey which has now manifested into FOREVER!!!



Krystal is Cara's little sister who her Mom brought home more than 30 years ago. Even though they were 13 years apart, Krystal and Cara had an unbreakable bond. Krystal blessed Cara to be called "TeeTee" by 2 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome nephews and they became the babies that Cara spoils to the fullest. Cara is so grateful to have her little sister, Krystal, as one of her bridesmaids who will get to witness her union with the "Love of Her Life".



Aesha and Cara met in December 2004 when they attended orientation for the WOF Choir. The two of them along with some other fabulous ladies who were apart of the illustrious soprano section became inseparable and were like a family. Over the years, Aesha’s and Cara’s friendship blossomed and they have a strong spiritual and sister bond. If time permitted, Aesha and Cara could talk on the phone for hours. Aesha is a diehard Falcons fan, but Cara, who represents “Who Dat” Nation, doesn’t hold that against her except on game day. Ask them at the wedding what business venture they have together along with Aesha’s husband!



Rekita and Cara met more than 30 years ago in middle school. The two of them became a sister duo. Rekita was a year older than Cara, so their bond became much stronger when Cara began her Freshman Year at WHS, and while they were on that amazing Golden Girls Dance Team line. These two are so happy that after numerous years of being in different locations of their Adult Lives, that God brought them back together again in DFW.



Yolanda and Cara met more than 30 years ago in middle school. Their friendship became strong when they both were living in the ATL. Yolanda and Cara attended the New Orleans Saints games faithfully when they played the Atlanta Failcants (Yes the Falcons…). They would be so hurt if the Saints lost. Cara moved from ATL, but Yolanda and Cara continued their friendship. Yolanda was also with Cara on the day that Corey and Cara began their relationship journey to now what will be FOREVER!



Tameka and Cara met in 2005 when Tameka joined the WOF Choir. Cara and the other amazing ladies of the soprano section, who shared a bond, instantly welcomed Tameka into the family. Tameka would host many gatherings at her beautiful home and there would be discussions of Christian Dating among other things. The friendship between Cara and Tameka continued over the years. “Tameka Meka”, which is Cara’s nickname for Tameka, has the same Blue and Gold Spirit (#JAG4Life) as the Bride, Groom, Matron of Honor, Best Man, and 4 Groomsmen!


Junior Bridesmaid

Loryn is Corey’s daughter and Cara and Loryn instantly connected. Cara is overjoyed and grateful that she will have Loryn by her side as she says “I Do” to Corey. Along with Corey and Quincy, Loryn and Cara have enjoyed many outings together, such as bowling, skating, playing volleyball, and traveling to Orlando. Cara even rode on a rollercoaster with Loryn and Quincy, which was a great bonus because Corey would never ride a rollercoaster. Cara is looking forward to being a “Bonus Mom” to Loryn and Quincy.


Junior Bridesmaid

Tamia is Cara’s niece and such a beautiful, caring, loving, sweet soul, and is wise beyond her years. Cara spoils Tamia along with her niece Railyn, and nephews, Khristian and Jaxson. Tamia is a younger version of Cara. They both are smart, love to dance, talk, dress up nice, and have some diva poses when taking photos. Cara is so honored that she will have her niece Tamia by her side when she jumps the broom with “Uncle Corey.”


Junior Bridesmaid

Railyn is Cara’s niece who is beautiful, funny, and full of life. Cara tries to win Railyn over with gifts, but Railyn still remains a “Mommy’s” baby. Railyn, who is partial to who she meets, welcomed “Uncle Corey” with open arms. So that is how Cara really knew Corey was the “one”. Cara is excited that Railyn will be in attendance to see her “TeeTee” and “Uncle Corey” say “I Do” even though she says weddings are boring.


Flower Girl

India is Corey’s niece. Cara adores India’s beautiful and radiant smile and those cute little dimples. There were a few meetings before India warmed up to Cara. But when India realized Cara could converse about Minnie Mouse, they became the best of friends. Cara is looking forward to India being the “Most Beautiful” Flower Girl.


Best Man

Corey was not blessed with a biological brother. However, you would have never known that by witnessing the close knit bond that is shared between Corey and his best friend, Brad. Meeting while attending Southern University in Baton Rouge , La and ultimately becoming line brothers on the Spring 2003 line of the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Brad’s similar upbringing makes this dynamic duo one of a kind.

Charles Natt


Corey and Charles originally met in the infamous Jones Hall, the freshman dorm at Southern University. Little did Corey and Charles know that they would become fraternity brothers, graduate on the same day, and Corey being the God-father to Charles’ oldest daughter, Laila. Charles and Corey share a love for Southern Soul blues and just having “old souls”.



Sean and Corey first got acquainted in the halls of T.T. Allain at Southern University. They became initiates of the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc in SPR 2003. Sean and Corey grew even closer as they started their professional careers in the DFW metroplex.



Shannun is Corey’s “rock” and their relationship goes far beyond Kappa, which is how they originally met (line brothers). There are so many stories from college days such as Shannun teasing Corey about his sleek brief case, to frequent trips to NOLA, and even a certain routine at 6 o’clock.



In 2013, Mike was one of several interviewers that Corey had to meet with for a previous sales role at Galderma Laboratories. Little did Corey know, Mike was also a graduate of Southern, and a fellow Nupe. During that time, Mike and Corey formed a work bond that turned into a brotherhood.



LaDarius has known Corey, before Corey knew himself. Being cousins and their mothers being best of friends, LaDarius and Corey had no choice but to be around each other. LaDarius and Corey also did their best to stay out of trouble in the “big city” of Bernice, La.



Corey (Juan) and Corey grew up together in Bernice, La. Corey’s (Juan) dad was actually Corey’s first baseball coach when he was 8 yrs old. Both of these country boys often talk about a wide range of topics such as working a garden and the stock market.


Junior Groomsman

Khristian and “Uncle Corey” formed a bond quickly. He was very inquisitive of Corey dating his “TeeTee” at first, but once he realized that Corey knew a little about Fortnite and Madden, he quickly let his guard down. Khristian and his other siblings (Mia, Railyn, and Jaxson) have welcomed their “Uncle Corey” with open arms.


Junior Groomsman

Quincy is Corey’s “why”. Simple as that! Everyone knows the bond that these two share is unmatched to anything else. Corey is so proud of the young man that Quincy is becoming and hopes that he can retire both he and Cara early with his dynamic athletic ability.


Junior Groomsman

Cameron is Corey’s nephew. They definitely share the “old soul” vibe together, which is why Corey is confident that Cameron will grow up to become a great man. Corey admires the way that Cameron adores his mother and little sister.


Ring Bearer

Jaxson is Cara’s handsome nephew, who is a very happy baby that lights up the room with his smile. When Cara plays “Bow Bow Bow”, Jaxson starts showing “TeeTee” his moves. Cara loves Jaxson with all of her heart and she can’t wait to see how handsome he will be in his tux as the “Ring Bearer”.

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