Erica & Mackintosh

Welcome to Camp Joy!


Mackintosh Wegener


Erica Goble

Maple City


October 7

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Why Camp Joy?

Well...both of our middle names are Joy! What are the chances?! We think that not only is that the cutest thing ever, it's also going to be our family name. We'll keep our last name but use Joy as our unofficial family name.

Friends to Forever

January 2018

We first met while working in homelessness services in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We have PLENTY of stories from that time, where we bonded over a shared passion for social justice and love for Post Malone (I know, I know). The friendship we built lasted us through multiple relationships, multiple moves out of state and back, and years of personal growth and change. In 2020 as we began to spend more time together again, we realized that the relationship we had was much deeper than simply a friendship. We started dating in December of 2020 and the rest is…history!