Maia & Cameron


Cameron Henderson


Maia Gibson



October 7

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How We Met

Thank God We Swiped Right

Cameron and I are both not the types to look for true love on dating apps. day when I was bored after coming back home from a semester-long study abroad and Cameron's friend was encouraging him to get online, our worlds collided. We both swiped right and actually started a conversation. We first talked about our mutual love for Pawn Stars, already showing me he was a catch. Still, to this day, we love our random Discovery+ and History Channel shows. He was impressively proactive, buying tickets for our first date to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. After considering bailing because of nerves 100 times, I actually got out of the car. Before meeting, I had of course looked him up but no luck. He was the only person I knew with no social media and seemingly no internet footprint. I've watched a lotttt of Catfish and, despite me being the one to refuse his FaceTime calls, I was very skeptical that he was the total catch I suspected he was. But there he was, dressed impeccably, tall, handsome, everything you wouldn't expect from a dating app stranger. We spent the day wandering the gardens and getting to know each other then went to dinner, unable to part so soon. When we got in the restaurant, he said he forgot his wallet in the car and I thought " was too good to be true, guess he's running." Even my waiter said he wasn't coming back. But, he did! And was pretty surprised that I didn't run either. We had a lovely evening and couldn't wait to plan our next date. We soon learned that we both have family in Richmond, where I grew up, which seemed like a stroke of fate. Not being official yet, I invited him on a trip to Virginia as my driving buddy, ensuring it was NOT a couple's trip. However, he met my best friend and special family members, who all knew this was different. We powered through long distance while I finished school at UGA and he went away for jobs and I had the honor of becoming a mom to our dog Daisy. After graduation, we moved in together in Woodstock with Daisy and my childhood cat Heidi for him to finish his apprenticeship and me to work. Over Christmas of 2022, supported by family and friends, Cameron proposed outside of the art museum just a walk from my parent's house, knowing how much I love art. I said YES! and we enthusiastically shared the news with our loved ones. We can't wait to tie the knot in the state where we fell in love and got engaged, where so many family and friends live, and where I spent time visiting as a child. We are so grateful for everyone's support and hope to have an amazing celebration of marriage this October!