Bridget & Timothy


Bridget Kelly


Timothy Bausch

April 14, 2024

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How We Met

Love at Right Swipe

It's November of 2018 in Astoria, NY. A match has been made on Tinder. Two people head to their first date, probably not expecting much because online dating can be the absolute worse...until it's not. I (Tim) got to the Astorian early on purpose so I wouldn't be a sweaty mess when I first met Bridget. I had never had any luck on Tinder but as soon as Bridget walked in I was hoping that was about to change. I (Bridget), was exactly 7 minutes late because I don't like to be the first to arrive anywhere, let alone a first date. I knew this would be my last Tinder date (thank God) the moment I walked into The Astorian to meet Tim for the first time. He greeted me with the warmest hug and I knew in my heart this is where I was supposed to be. We sat at the bar for hours, drinking Old Fashioneds and talking about anything and everything. At midnight, neither one of us wanted the date to end, so we headed to the Bel Aire Diner to keep talking over a breakfast quesadilla (Tim's order) and chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon (Bridget's order). We dated for a few weeks and that was it! Narrator Voice: That was absolutely not it. Okay so here's the thing, we parted ways for a bit but found each other again at the 30th Street Subway Platform in Astoria. It was a rainy day in January. I (Bridget) was standing near the end of the platform with my umbrella. Somebody bumped my umbrella with their umbrella as they walked by. I looked up and it was Tim. He didn't see me. We boarded the train at different doors. I tried to hide. Having an awkward exchange that early in the morning just wasn't happening. As people exited and boarded the train, we naturally started moving closer to one another. At one point I glanced up and saw that Tim's face was bright red. I knew he had spotted me, but we never made eye contact. I (Tim) had already been wanting to text Bridget again so when I saw her on the train I knew it was a sign. I kept trying to make eye contact but she wouldn't look my way. She got off the train at the next stop. I text Bridget later that morning. We headed back to the Astorian for drinks that night and have never looked back. Narrator Voice: Tell them how Bridget wasn't wearing pants when you got engaged.

The Proposal

Jersey City, NJ

I (Tim) proposed to Bridget on August 12, 2022, at home, in our living room. She had just come up from the pool. I (Bridget) was wearing an inside-out, navy blue, deodorant stained, Salty Dog Café beach tank, a bathing suit and no pants when Tim proposed. At first I wouldn't let him put the ring on my finger because I was covered in sunscreen and was afraid I'd ruin it somehow. Hours later at lunch I couldn't remember if I had actually said yes. Our story certainly has some twists and turns. First dates. Second first dates. A global pandemic. A move to NJ. Falling in love with our puppy, Phoebe. We've spent the past 5 years laughing through it all. We can't wait to start our next chapter as husband and wife and couldn't imagine our story being complete without you. We hope you'll join us on April 14, 2024 for the big day. Narrator Voice: Bridget, tell them about the time you hadn't told anyone you were dating again and got busted because you couldn't stop laughing during Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at a SoulCycle class...

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