Brianne & Ryan



Brianne Kennedy


Ryan McGilloway

October 22, 2023

Andover, NJ

They Meet

The year is 2011. Twilight and Harry Potter movies are topping the box office; Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” is the #1 song; and two 18-year-old college students meet in the Ramapo Valley. They pull an all-nighter that first night, taking photos, exploring campus at night, and watching the sun rise. Right now, they’re both dating other people and because of that, spend their freshman year becoming best friends. They go see plays. They eat free food from college-sponsored events. They have the kinds of conversations that people learning to be on their own for the first time have. It is incredibly special.

They Grow

Now it's September 2012 and they begin to date. Neither of them expects it; they were such good friends, wonder if it makes sense to really be a couple? But then, before they know it, 2012 turns to 2015. Sophomores, become Juniors, become Seniors. Together, they grow from “teenagers who don’t know much”, into “young adults who know only a little bit more.” And all along they have each other. And as they graduate college, they wonder in nervous-excitement about their futures as they reflect on the friendships they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned. 2015 turns to 2016 and they start to figure out how life is going to be outside the “walls” of college. A cramped apartment in Hoboken turns into a larger apartment with friends in Jersey City. In that place, 2016 suddenly becomes 2020. Four whole years - like doing college again, but this time instead of classes and clubs there are hobbies and jobs. They take trips. They make traditions. They share fears and dreams. Somewhere in that time, they go from two people who are very much in love to something different - something distinctly two but also singular. Something incredibly special.

And Now

As 2020 turns to 2021 they get a new apartment in West New York, they get a wonderful cat, and they return to the Ramapo Valley. It has been a while since they’ve been to that place they called home, so when they get engaged and decide to take the next step where it all started, it feels right. 2021 turns to 2022 and, they realize for the first time since they met, their day-to-days center around the two of them: no dorms, no 8 person apartments; just them. They make their own space. They read books and play games next to each other. They host dear friends and family. They make a home. And as 2022 turns to 2023, the “two teenagers who didn’t know much” that became “young adults that only knew a bit more” have become “less-young adults who are excited that there is still so much more to learn" (and have one more cat in tow). And those people, they’re planning their wedding. They can not wait to celebrate this journey they’re on with all of you - those they love most - those who’ve been there the whole time, giving them love and encouragement and joy. So get ready for the wedding! It promises to be incredibly special.