Briana & Samuel


We're Eloping!


Samuel Hoobler


Briana Barger

September 10 - 16, 2024

Grand Junction, CO
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The Story of Us

...and how doing everything backwards can work out

The story of how Bri and Sam first met begins with boredom: neither of them were specifically looking for companionship or love, they were just looking to entertain themselves one evening when they had nothing else going on. This led to the two of them (unbeknownst to the other) both stumbling across a random app that nobody had heard of, downloading it, and being told by the magic of algorithms and technology, "Hey, you two would probably get along. Go chit chat." She was drawn to his eccentric way of communicating deep philosophical questions and his unique sense of humor -- he was drawn to her ability to clearly communicate her thoughts and ideas and her quirky interests. It also helped that each of them found the other to be pretty human beings. After bonding over similar interests, hobbies, nerd talk, art, life goals, and everything in between - everything just fell into place. They have spent their relationship up until this point going on as many adventures together as possible, whether it is impromptu hiking and camping trips, planned out extended excursions to new places, caves, cities, art exhibits and festivals, or even themed karaoke nights with their friends -- it just felt right to plan an elopement trip to see what Colorado has to offer. Sam and Bri do not have the typical proposal story to share with everybody - because, like everything they do together, it came about with a discussion and mutual agreement. They bought the rings, came up with the plan for the elopement, and THEN realized neither of them had technically asked the other to marry them yet. But the question didn't need to be voiced when they both just inherently knew what was right, and THIS is the most "right" they have ever felt in their lives, being together and planning their future lives as one. Finding your person without the intention of even looking can lead to the best of outcomes.