Brad & Abby

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Let's do this thing.






November 2, 2024

Pittsburgh, PA
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The Brabby Saga

Our story begins like all great love stories: on Hinge.

Well, TECHNICALLY it began on Bumble...but Abby would like to forget that part. They matched on Brad's first-ever night on the app, and Abby messaged him first (as is customary with Bumble). But...she quickly panic-deleted the app, as she was constantly doing at the time, and forgot about the entire interaction. But Bradley didn't. Because, weeks later, when Abby matched with Brad AGAIN on Hinge, he was quick to call her out on her accidental ghosting. And Abby, who is NOT interested in people having negative opinions of her, sought to prove him wrong. They almost didn't go on their first date - schedules weren't lining up. But after a particularly awkward date, Abby needed a palate cleanser and texted Brad (at midnight) about making plans before she left for vacation that Saturday. So Friday, August 9, they met at a local bar/coffee shop called "Mixtape." They've been together ever since. Everything was "quick" for them. Meeting friends was quick. Making it official was quick. Meeting family was quick. Moving in was quick (thanks Covid!!!!!). Waiting for engagement was...not so quick. So NOT quick, in fact, that Brad was harassed by almost every member of Abby's family (and his own, too). But our Bradley is a planner & a perfectionist. He was on his own schedule. On September 30, 2023 (Abby's birthday, by the way), Brad finally proposed. There were many suspicions along the way. Chief among them? He arrived 30 minutes early to a 5:30 dinner reservation. Anyone who knows Brad should know how much of a flag that was. But he asked. She said, "Shut the f*** up," then said yes. And here we are today. So...LET'S DO THIS THING.

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