Becca & Jeremy

    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

The dream team! We could not imagine this day without them.

Gabby Quarantiello

Matron of Honor

Gabby is the bride's sister. The two of them have been putting up with the shenanigans of Mark and Jennifer for years, and vice versa! Becca could not imagine doing her wedding day without her little sister. She has been such an amazing support during the planning process and Becca is so excited to see their dreams become a reality.

Liz Fromholz


Ma LIZZZZZZARD !!!!!!! Liz has been Becca's ride-or-die in the online dating process, in the commute to their respective partners' homes, in the navigation of new relationships (and existing familial ones). Becca is over the moon excited to be doing the most fun thing with her most fun friend.

Bill Meaney

Best Man

Bill has been Jeremy's best friend since forever! Bill has been privy to all Jeremy's deepest darkest secrets, but has stayed friends with Jeremy regardless! A truer friend there never was. Just don't try to get any secrets out of him at the ceremony!

Sarah Bird

Best Woman

Sarah has been Jeremy's sister since forever! From hanging upside down off the couch as toddlers, to playing Pokemon as kids, to rocking out to Megadeth as teens -- these two have been a sometimes-spicy, mostly-jovial duo. Jeremy is super jazzed to have his sister be a part of such a special occasion!

Freddy Clementiello

Ring Bearer

Freddy is the bride's nephew, the son of Gabby. Freddy is a sweet and jovial two year old, very excited to gain an Uncle Birdie.

Jack Batastini

Senior Ring Bearer

Jack is a rising fifth grader who loves lacrosse and the New York Jets and is very excited for Miss Becca and Birdie to tie the knot. Ew, no kissing!

Addison Batastini

Flower Girl

Addison has known Becca and Jeremy were going to get married from the get-go. She knew before anyone knew, and has been planning this day since the relationship's inception. Don't forget to tell her how much you love her dress, she picked it herself!

Peyton Batastini

Flower Girl

Peyton is Becca's Peanut. Peyton is the person that Becca spent the most time with over the course of her relationship with Jeremy, except maybe for Jeremy himself. And we love our Birdie! Birdie is our buddy :)