Lauren & Christian



Christian Beaulieu


Lauren Peck


October 28, 2023

Baltimore, MD

Our Story

Like many a modern love story, Christian and Lauren's connection started with a "swipe right" on their Hinge profiles. In December 2018, Christian had just moved from NYC to Baltimore for work, and was in New Mexico for training, when Lauren reciprocated their online "match." Between Christian's business travel, followed by a week at home for the holidays, the two wouldn't be able to schedule their first date until after the new year. Thankfully, both are blessed with the gift of gab, and they quickly transitioned their conversation from the app to text messages, and had plenty to chat about until they could meet in person for their first date. On January 3, 2019, Christian invited Lauren to meet for dinner and drinks at The Owl Bar, inside The Belvedere. They had an instant connection, and spent nearly 5 hours talking about anything and everything. A little after midnight, Lauren mentioned that it was past her bedtime, and she should probably head home for the night (after they started dating, Christian realized just how long past her bedtime she stayed out, as she usually falls asleep on the couch by 10 PM). They both quickly made plans to see each other again that weekend, and spent a great day exploring Baltimore together. The following week, Christian surprised Lauren with a dinner date at a fancy Italian restaurant, with reservations at a nearby speakeasy after dinner. When Lauren arrived to the restaurant, he surprised her with a copy of one of his favorite books. On their previous dates, they had bonded over their love of sports, so while Christian admitted that he didn't yet know Lauren's favorite flower (Lilies) or if she was a fan of chocolates (meh), he knew she loved baseball, and reading, and this novel reflected both. This was the most romantic gesture Lauren had ever received, and solidified what she had suspected since their first date; that there was something very special about Christian, and he just might be her person. Over after dinner cocktails, they (finally!) shared their first kiss, and the rest, as they say, is history! The following years in Baltimore were filled with lots of laughs, nights out with friends, vacations together, and as many Orioles/Mets/Ravens/Dolphins games as they could manage. Lauren and Christian joke that when they made it through the quarantine months of COVID and not only still loved each other, but still *liked* each other, it only solidified their belief that they had found their future spouse in one another. With so much time spent together at home during 2020, Lauren and Christian decided the time was right to become cat parents, and they adopted Appa from a local rescue. They are nothing short of obsessed with "The Moose," as they affectionately call her, and she has brought so much joy and love into their homes. In the fall of 2021, they bought their first house together in Frederick, and have enjoyed exploring everything their new hometown has to offer. On September 24, 2022, Lauren thought that Christian had planned a full day of eating and drinking their way through town to prepare for their upcoming Asheville trip. The first stop was Springfield Manor. Christian suggested recreating pictures from a previous visit's photo shoot in the lavender fields. After one of the photos, Lauren turned around to find Christian on one knee, with a ring in his hand. After an immediate "yes," onlooking patrons began cheering for them. A few seconds later, the cheers became louder, as both sets of parents and siblings revealed themselves from their hiding spots to begin celebrating the newly engaged couple. Christian even hired Lauren's favorite photographer (Brad Barnwell, who will photograph their wedding!) to capture and share in the joy. Now their love story comes full circle as they invite you to celebrate with them, at the spot of their first date (albeit some 12 stories higher) as they celebrate their wedding with their closest friends and family at The Belvedere.

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