December 16, 2022
Bonita Springs, FL

Barton Adventures Wedding

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Get to know our wedding party below, and learn where everyone recommends you take your next #BartonAdventure!

Leah Favia


Traveler | Foodie | Media Producer | Mezzo Soprano | Dame of Malta | Cat, Sloth, and Manatee Enthusiast | Chris' biggest fan

Chris Barton


Adventurerer | Pilot | Movie buff | Storyteller | Mensa | Tech guru | Cat dad | Expert in making Leah laugh | Might actually be Superman

Jessica McMurray

Matron of Honor

Dad: "But what if you get a brother?" 3 year old Leah: "Return him." Jessica made Leah a big sister in 1992, and the pair have been inseparable since. In 2019, Jessica gave Leah her most treasured gift: she made her an aunt and godmother to Joey, and again in 2021 as an aunt to Jackson. You'll often find the pair running in to each other at Starbucks, or sharing a bag of sour gummy candy. She is more than Leah's sister; she is her best friend. Jessica's #BartonAdventure: Jessica recommends taking a sailboat at sunset: "It's romantic, beautiful, and absolutely unforgettable!"

Beau Adams

Co-Best Man

Beau and Chris have been partners in crime since Beau's Day One, Chris' Day 8. Though technically cousins, these counterparts are each others' confidants, wing men, consignlieres, and questionable sushi-testers. Beau's #BartonAdventure: A one-way, all-expenses paid trip to Martha's Vineyard.

Dana Popp


Leah and Dana met in 2012 through Meetup.com in a group called "Eating and Cooking in Your 20s & 30s" in Washington, DC. While their friendship began over good food, it blossomed into a lifelong bond. Dana is Leah's most enthusiastic cheerleader, compatible travel buddy, and dearest friend. Dana's #BartonAdventure: Dana and Leah have adventured together over beignets in New Orleans, donuts in New Jersey, and cheese in DC. No surprise that her adventure advice was "Bakery crawls. That is my final answer."

Jim Helton

Co-Best Man

Jim and Chris started out as colleagues and ended up as friends. Over the years, they have been housemates, DnD campaigners, co-pilots, and ski-mates. Send them off with a pair of cigars, and you never know what they'll get into. Jim's #BartonAdventure: Jim recommends taking a drive through Ireland. "There's nothing like it... It's beautiful, adventurous, historical, and there's a lot of opportunity for discovery."

Megan Caska


September 1999. It was a crisp, autumn day in upstate NY. Mrs. Melichar-Utter had just assigned her new class of 5th graders to order themselves alphabetically at the front of the room. Without anyone asking her to, Megan took charge, ordering all the 9 and 10 year olds into place. "Ok, you," Megan demanded, "What's your last name?" "Favia," Leah said, "with an F." "Ok, F. Stand here," she said before immediately moving to the next timid child and commanding them where to stand. "Wow, what a meanie," Leah thought to herself, "I'll never be friends with her." Leah and Megan have remained the best of friends ever since. Their adventures together span decades, different languages, multiple states, and even continents. Their favorite trips together are the most spontaneous ones, like a trip to Jamaica in 2018, and a reunion in Philly for lunch in 2021. Megan's go-to #BartonAdventure is "Beach. Always."

Dave Adams


Dave and Chris may call each other cousins, but they are brothers in every sense of the word. From the early days of childhood, Dave always marveled at Chris’ intellect and ability to accomplish wonders. At time passed, that deep admiration only grew as Dave watched his older brother Chris become the man everyone wants to be. If you ever find yourself in a room with Dave and Chris, you can expect a lot of laughs (warning: you may be slightly roasted), good food nearby, and Empire Strikes Back playing on the television in the background. Dave’s recommendation for your next #BartonAdventure: For as long as they will have you, be with people that you love. It’s not where I am, it’s who I’m with.

Megan Shenton


Leah had only been working at 2U for 1 month before its annual company meeting was held in June 2018 in New Orleans. Not knowing a lot of people yet, Leah wore her one 2U t-shirt to the airport as a beacon to connect with her new peers. It worked. Megan had only been a 2U employee herself for a little longer than Leah when the two crossed paths at BWI. It was an immediate connection. They spent most of the New Orleans trip together and alongside Megan's colleague Andrew, who solidified the group into a trio that still reconnects today over Zoom, and who share a group chat called "Boop the Snoot" for texting each other with their shared love of cat memes. Megan is a lover of plants and animals, and is one of the best bakers Leah has ever met. Ask her for her recipe to her chocolate peanut butter cupcakes 🤤 No better #BartonAdventure than "hiking and camping," which Megan finds incredibly soothing. Her favorites are in Acadia National Park in Maine!

Jon Forbes


Chris and Jon met 10 years ago when Chris hired Jon for a team that he was starting at work. Since then a deep friendship has formed, and not a day goes by that they're not bouncing the next big business idea off of each other. Their friendship spans several states and countries, but Jon's favorite was at Archepelago in London, and getting to try all sorts of crazy cuisine - from kangaroo steak to ball python absinthe! For his #bartonadventure, it makes sense that this great mind recommends: "...one that lends itself to serendipity, and has lots of cozy bar and cafes to duck into once its past 10pm and it is time to philosophize! That means a trip to Greece or Italy is where I'd chart for the next #bartonadventure." Jon is also an avid cyclist! Ask him about his latest local rides.

Kara McConville


Leah's cousin! Summers in PA were spent by our grandparents' pool, with little Leah admiring everything her cool *teenage* cousin did with all her cool teenage friends. By 2019, Leah and Kara were the last of the family that had yet to migrate to Florida; so they did it together! They shared a house close to their moms, grandparents, and Jessica. Kara taught Leah all her stylish home-decor ways, and now Leah uses a charger at every table setting. Her next goal is to own as many seasonal pillows as Kara, though truthfully that's probably setting her sights too high. To this day, Kara is still Leah's go-to for decor, floral, and event inspo! She makes the most stunning holiday setups and displays. Ask her about her floral business for tips and tricks on keeping your next bouquet alive! Kara's go-to #BartonAdventure is in the mountains, where she can ski, hike, and golf!

"Brother John" McMurray


Chris and John first met on a double-date arranged by Leah and her sister Jessica (John's wife), circa 2019, at the Saucy Meatball in Gateway. Since then, the 4 have enjoyed many more nights out together, including a weekend trip to the 2022 Masters tournament in Augusta, GA! As an avid golfer, John was the most enthusiastic and knowledgable of the group, making the whole experience fun for everyone. He is an outstanding man, father, and brother in our family. John's recommended #BartonAdventure is to the Caribbean Islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao!

Tony Favia

Father of the Bride

Former sports writer, and classic rock enthusiast, you can ask this man anything on the subjects and you'll be so impressed by his encyclopedic mind! Tony's favorite things include Steely Dan, the color orange, the NY Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, his wife Penny, and his daughters Leah + Jessica (and their families). Tony's #BartonAdventure is to visit the Berkshires in October because of the beautiful surroundings, fall colors, and shops!

Patty Myers

Mother of the Groom

A genuine NY Italian mom to all, Patty is one of Florida's finest hostesses. She loves to entertain visits from her extended family (did you know she is one of 8?), and is always there when you need her. No surprise that her love language is acts of service! Ask her about her eggplant parm or sausage dip recipes! If you go hungry in her house, it's your own fault. Patty's #BartonAdventure is, "home, where the heart is."

Joey + Jackson McMurray

Ring Bearers

"Titi," is what these cutie pies call their aunt Leah! Two playful brothers, with beautifully different personalities. Mischievous Joey turns 4 in a month. His favorite color is bright orange, just like his Grandpa Tony's. Joey loves to play soccer and hide and seek, and go biking with his dad. Gentle Jackson, "JJ," turns 2 in a few weeks! He is a cuddler extraordinaire who enjoys playground swings, the company of his green stuffed dino named "Baby," playing instruments, and telling you stories (which is impressive considering that he is still learning to talk). Joey and JJ recommend a #BartonAdventure at the playground, cooking in Nana's kitchen, trips to the Children's Museum of Naples, or pool days with Goomy + Goompy (their paternal grandparents)!