Amanda & John


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John Cronk


Amanda Ball

August 28, 2023

Asheville, NC

How We Met


John and I met on a cold winter night in upstate New York. There was a Santa themed bar crawl going on in a town an hour away. John was at the bar crawl with his cousins and Paul, is now Best Man. I was there with Helen, and my good friend Liz. Toward the end of the night, we decided to meet up with some friends of Helens at another bar on the strip. I got intruded to Helens friends which happened to be John's cousins and Paul. I pulled out my handy dandy Uno cards and began playing with my new friends, and of course drinking! When I wanted to get a new drink from the bar, I would have to cross over into the dance floor. Every time I would cross the dance floor a guy would try to "party boy dance" near me. If you are unfamiliar with these dance moves, please feel free to YouTube it. I continually turned him down, but after a few drinks I wanted to join the girls on the dance floor. The song "You Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston came on, and John's cousins started to pump me up with compliments. After a few rounds praise from the girls Emily said "You wanna dance with us? Well, you gotta dance with our cousin. I turned around and saw the guy who was dancing crazy all night AKA John. I decided to give him a dance. How could you not dance to Whitney?! After the dance John asked me if I'd like a drink. We ended up talking the rest of the night. He asked for my number, and we have been inseparable since.

The Proposal


John proposed to me on a cold wintery night in Asheville. His originally plan was to propose to me on a mountain top, but the ring got delayed in the shipping process. John was disappointed because North Carolina was getting cold, and the mountain top idea would have to wait until Spring. For Christmas John wanted to get me a puppy. Helen and he had been online searching for weeks. On December 4th Helen and John heard back from a farmer about beagle basset puppies. That day they decided to pick Wilbur up and surprise me with my early Christmas present. When they arrived back from picking up puppy Wilbur the ring had been delivered. John felt like it was meant to be, and December 4th, 2020, was the day. He and Helen decorated the whole house in beautiful flowers, candles, and lights. I came home from work with John in our living room surrounded by flowers and a moving present box. I opened the box and the tiniest little Wilbur popped out. After giving Wilbur love I went on a hunt to find Oliver. I knew he would be upset getting a younger brother. He was an only child for so long. I found Oliver under the Christmas tree. I climbed under the tree to give Oliver love. When I turned around, I found John on one knee. He told me that "he wished he could have proposed on a mountain top but that it didn't matter because I put him on the highest mountain top everyday". I of course ugly cried and said yes.

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