John Michael & Angela Marie


Can't wait to say "I Do"

Floral Garlandflowers

Angela Marie Cirillo


John Michael D'Amico


October 21, 2023

Hoboken, NJ

Where It All Began ...

First comes school, then comes marriage.

Our story began at a small town college which is now know as Caldwell University. During choir class in August of 2011, Angela and John’s paths crossed for the first time. They were both unaware that their paths would be forever linked and intertwined for the rest of their lives. Angela being very hard working and passionate about her career in music volunteered to assist the music department with their first concert series of the school year. John quickly volunteered to assist Angela, for pure academic purposes “wink, wink”. While preparing for the concert series new friends sensed a closeness between Angela and John, despite them just recently meeting for the first time. As prepared as Angela was for the concert series, one of the things that she did not have was a coat. John being very generous and polite offered Angela a variety of sweaters and coats. At the conclusion of the concert Angela and John were eager to see each other again to have their first date. John did not get his sweater back that night. As time passed during the Fall 2011 semester, close friends saw how much Angela and John meant to each other as a couple. During their time at Caldwell they were close to inseparable. Together they faced many of the academic and work challenges undergraduates face while attending college for the first time. Time can go by very quickly. When people are in love they want to appreciate every special moment that they have together. Angela and John have been together for twelve years, and they are making the decision to be together for the rest of their lives to face the joys and obstacles that life has to offer. We are honored to have you join us on our special day as we take the next steps as future Mr. and Mrs. D’Amico.

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