Izaak Elliott


Anastasia Kirchoff


March 10, 2023

Stillwater, MN

The Proposal

Izaak and Anastsia took a trip to the state of Maine, a place Anastasia wanted to visit for a long time. Anastasia was excited to see all the Stephen King related sites around Bangor, Maine, (she took a picture in front of King’s iconic gothic mansion replete with wrought iron gates topped with gargoyles) and Izaak was looking forward to hiking and kayaking. (They went on a bioluminescent night kayaking trip.) While staying in a tiny motel outside of Bar Harbor, they decided to get up before dawn to go watch the sun rise in Acadia National Park. They planned to drive to Cadillac Mountain, as if offered an amazing view of the sunrise, and Acadia Park is the first place the sun touches the United States. When they arrived at Cadillac Mountain, however, they found they needed to pay and already have a reservation to visit the peak. They instead drove a way back down the road, quickly, as the sun was rising, and they ran out to a spot next to a bridge to see the sun rise. They clambered up a boulder to witness the start of the day. Anastasia took a picture of the sun peaking over the horizon. (See the picture below) When she turned to look at Izaak, he was down on one knee. She could barely see the ring because she was blind from the sun. Thankfully she said yes quickly, because he later told her how much kneeling on the rock hurt his knee!

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