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We’re getting married!


Nick Sommers


Alyssa Marchelletta

April 20, 2024

Detroit, MI
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How We Met

The App That is Designed to be Deleted

Nick was having lunch with some friends when the topic of dating apps came up, in which he explained he would wait a week or so before asking the girl out on a date. He quickly was told that was his problem! He needs to ask to meet within a few days! Along comes Alyssa on Hinge. Nick and Alyssa matched, began talking, and after a few days of good conversation, Nick decides to try out his brand new dating app strategy and ask Alyssa out on a date! To which... Alyssa shuts him down! She says she would prefer to wait a week or so and get to know each other a bit more before meeting up for an in person date. Nick happily agrees, as this was what he felt comfortable with all along! First date happened April 12th in 2021 where they met at a small ice cream shop in Auburn Hills. The plan was to eat the ice cream outside, but it was too cold so they sat in Alyssa's Jeep Compass and had great conversation. Alyssa and Nick had many things to relate and talk about, such as their Italian family gatherings where you best come hungry, because a full pasta meal is just the appetizer. Alyssa owned a home in Clarkston, Nick in Royal Oak, and both endured some pretty large renovation projects they happily shared, along with what future projects they were thinking of. Nick tried to impress her with explaining all the fun themed parties he had thrown in the past and how he was the proud captain of a Men's Beer League hockey team. What stuck out most about each other was their love for family and how each enjoyed family time tremendously. After a successful first date, Nick and Alyssa both agreed they would like to go on a second. From then on was the start of a fun loving relationship that grew and developed so organically. Nick and Alyssa had somewhat conflicting work schedules for the first couple years of their relationship, but that did not stop them from ensuring they would make time for a couple dates a week, never complaining of the 30 minute drive between Clarkston and Royal Oak. They enjoyed riding bikes, throwing the frisbee around, going to Red Wings games, playing cards, and hanging out at her parent's pool. Nick started strategizing how he would ask Alyssa to marry him in the Summer of 2023, this plan would come to light on August 26th! She said yes and the story of two strangers meeting on a phone application continues to write itself!

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