Alyssa & Cedric


We’re getting married!


Cedric Adams


Alyssa Locke


June 29, 2024

Hillsboro, OR
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How We Met

Well, to start off, CJ and I met and became fast friends in the beginning of high school. For me, it was incredible to have a friend that I could tell literally anything to and know I would not be judged. We would hang out at school, football games and after school while watching Ellen with my mom. We even were twins for ‘Twin Day’ at school one year. We stayed in touch after high school and would see each other at parties and various random events. Fast forward a few years and I came back from living abroad in South Korea, I texted CJ and asked him on a date. His reaction? “Uhh, I don’t think this was meant for me.” I laughed and ensured him he was exactly who I was asking. He quickly said yes and he sat at a market that I was working for 4 hours before we actually were able to go on this date. After the market he kissed me (it wasn’t until about a year later I told him I was just going in for a hug LOL) and a few short weeks later at Koran BBQ he said “So are you going to be my girlfriend already or what” (How romantic, right). Anyways, we have always loved each other as friends so loving each other as partners came easily.

The Proposal

Believe it or not, two years later, at the same Korean BBQ restaurant, he (wait for it) said, “So, you want to be my wife?” (Again, what a romantic). He didn’t have the ring on him so we came home and he ran upstairs to grab it and I grabbed my mom to be a photographer and that is when he officially got down on one knee and asked. It was intimate, romantic and I wouldn’t have wished for it to happen any other way. Anyways, I cannot express how happy I am to be living my best life with the man of my dreams and cannot wait to celebrate with all of you!

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