Alysha & Wesley


Wesley Worrell


Alysha Arnett

May 6, 2023

Camino, CA
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Our Love Story

In July of 2020 Alysha needed a Subwoofer installed in her truck for her birthday. Alysha thought she was just a customer, But to Wesley, she was a beacon of light. He wondered if he would ever see her again, as he says, "You just had to come in for those lights", for her Xterra in October of 2020. Wesley now had her phone number and called her to come back to his shop so he could fix her window that was stuck. Wes asked her on their first date for 11-21-2020. Alysha was very adamant that 'this was not the time', for either of them. "We were both just starting to rebuild ourselves". When they went on their first date, Wesley did something Alysha had never experienced before, he laid his entire past out on the table, "This is me, take it or leave it". She did her best to ignore the signs, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she had actually met him before. She says, "It was like I had had amnesia at some point in my life, and forgot him, and forgot that I had amnesia!" They went on dates, took trips to Tahoe, Reno and Santa Cruz. Finally Alysha had to give in, "For the dogs". Wesley's boy, Montu, and Alysha's girl, Dotty, got along like long lost friends. "We decided we wouldn't ever be able to separate them", Alysha said. Then family and friends of both Wesley and Alysha started giving their praise and approval for the relationship. Wesley recounts, "Everyone said 'NO FEMALES!', and then they said, 'Oh no we like this one, she's fine, go ahead'". The jokes of marriage began. Just after their one year anniversary, Wesley started to plot the proposal. While working with Alysha's family on the Christmas Tree farm, Wesley took a ride with "Papa Bill" to discuss his 'plan' to marry Alysha in the future, 'once life aligned'. Bill actually replied, "Well you can get engaged while you do all that." On February 22, 2022, Wesley told Alysha he had a 'mobile job' in Tahoe. It was the only way he could get her there without her asking any questions. He actually succeeded in tricking her with no hesitation by mentioning the work was on behalf of his landloard, Janine. Wesley even had to have Alysha's mechanic reschedule an appointment for maintenance on her car, and she still didn't catch on. Tuesday morning, in South Lake Tahoe, Wesley was just beaming with joy. Alysha kept saying, "Oh you haven't seen how happy I am when I'm in fresh snow." She had no idea he was happy his plan was working thus far. It was dumping snow and below 20 degrees, which is not normal for Tahoe. Just before 11am, hotel checkout time, Alysha finally caught on. "Why are we waiting until 3pm to meet your customer? Since when do you let them make the time for the appointments?! He's out enjoying the powder, what are we going to do for 4 hours and not freeze?!" Wesley wanted to propose at 2:22pm, on 2-22-22. Alysha was finally freaking out. Wesley caved, and actually tried to propose right there in the hotel room. Alysha freaked out even more, "Oh HELL NO! Get out there in the snow at least!" Wesley revealed that he planned to propose on the Heavenly gondola at 2:22, so they walked over from their hotel room. The gondola operator actually talked them out of buying a ticket! They said, "Well usually it's a beautiful experience and view, but you don't get any of that today when its all socked in." Alysha decided to make Wesley kneel in the snow on the beach of Lake Tahoe, where they went on one of their first dates. "You have to make a snow angel first", she told him. The couple had the "plan" to wait for marriage, the Arnett's had another idea. Alysha's grandmothers are both still alive, 91 and 93 years old, "They wouldn't stop asking me 'What's the Wedding date?!' so I made one." Alysha picked the May date with the idea that she wouldn't be too hot, and the grandma's wouldn't be too cold. 5.6.23 ended up being the address at one of Wesley's first stereo shops, and then is in the zip code of the new home the couple lives in. How's that for Signs?...