Alicia & Justyn


Alicia Criner


Justyn Mayo


October 19 - 23, 2023

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Check out our behind-the-scenes video from our engagement photoshoot on Martha's Vineyard, back where it all began!

The Wedding

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Join us in idyllic Montego Bay, Jamaica to celebrate our nuptials. We have an exciting weekend of events lined up, and also left enough room for you to enjoy a vacation. A reminder all wedding events are adults-only. Check out the "Schedule" tab for more details. IMPORTANT: You must be an Iberostar Resort registered hotel guest to attend each event. Offsite guests will incur a day pass fee of up to $200 per guest/per day, there are no exceptions. Please book directly with our travel agent to ensure you are included in each event - details are on the "Travel" tab. Please RSVP and book travel by August 22, 2023. We appreciate you traveling to support and celebrate with us, and we know this will be a weekend to remember!

How We Met

(Pandemic) Love on the Vineyard

Warning: This is a true story, not a Hallmark movie... During the pandemic summer of 2020, Justyn and Alicia both had the same idea... a last minute summertime escape to the magical island of Martha's Vineyard! During Labor Day weekend, the two strangers found themselves on Inkwell Beach in the historic town of Oak Bluffs, and soon discovered they were connected through mutual friends. Justyn, being a third generation Vineyard summer resident, and Alicia, visiting the island for over 10 years, bonded quickly over their shared love of adventure and the water. They swam out to a nearby buoy, spending hours floating in the water entranced in conversations about anything and everything, setting the foundation for their love story. Throughout Labor Day weekend they kept running into each other with plenty of "meet cutes:" ice cream at Ben and Bill's, in line at Backdoor Donuts, chased by Skunks at Nomans, and outside on the porch (keepin' it COVID safe ya'll!) next to Narragansett House, where their connection really blossomed. A week later, Justyn fulfilled his promise and started the first of many visits to Alicia in Harlem, NY where they rode bikes, went on pizza tours, and Alicia's late cat Topanga even gave Justyn her infamous foot rubs, confirming her approval. Shortly thereafter, they found themselves going back and forth between NYC and Boston, and knew they had each found their person. This summer, Alicia and Justyn returned to The Narragansett House in Oak Bluffs, a Black-owned bed and breakfast, to take their engagement photos, paying homage to the island that has began and continues to foster their love.

The Proposal

"What about the dog?"

The weekend of Alicia's birthday, Justyn had many surprises in store... That Saturday morning, he suggested they go on a walk before kicking off her birthday festivities. Alicia happily agreed, as this is one of her favorite weekly rituals, and began to prep the dog for their usual weekend walk. "Oh you can leave the leash," Justyn told her... "But what about the dog?" Alicia inquired, why would they go on a morning walk without their dog? Perplexed, but attempting to go along with it, Alicia threw on some sweats and announced she was ready to go. Justyn (wisely!) recommended she look a tad bit nicer. Confused again, Alicia decided to just match what he was wearing. As Justyn escorted her to the car ("I thought we were walking??"), an even more confused Alicia started putting the pieces together, thinking this might be THE surprise. They arrive to the Arnold Arboretum, a special place for them both, and Alicia is filled with excitement. Yet as time passes, Alicia starts to realize, they really are just on a morning walk! Right at that moment they passed the botanical gardens and Justyn gets down on one knee to pop the question. A passer-by spots them in action and happily takes their picture to capture the moment. They spent the rest of the weekend celebrating being newly engaged and Alicia's birthday with friends and family in Boston. P.S. Check out the first picture in the "Gallery" section to see our matching looks during the proposal!

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