September 24, 2022
Roswell, Georgia

Ali & Colt

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Bridal Party

We wouldn't be here without our friends & family by our sides!

Mike Knoll

Father of the Bride

The man, the myth, the legend, our lord & savior, Mike Knoll. He is the rock of our family & has provided my brothers, my mom & I the best life imaginable. I'm beyond lucky to be his daughter.

Cindy Knoll

Mother of the Bride

To know her is to love her & I love her very much. My mom is my very best friend & I wouldn't be anywhere without her support, guidance & encouragement throughout my entire life.

Katie Hancock

Maid of Honor

Katie has been a part of every season of my life. We've been best friends since we met in the second grade in Mr. Smith's class. We were roommates for the majority of our adult life & we've experienced all of our major life milestones together--grade school, college, first jobs, first loves, engagement & now marriage. She's more of a sister than a best friend & I know she will continue to be a fixture in my life forever.

Kelly Newby


Kelly & I met at UGA. We were introduced through mutual friends & we hit it off immediately. Since college, Kelly has remained a permanent fixture in my life. Always a source of laughter, fun & adventure, she livens up any event she's a part of & I am beyond lucky to call her one of my best friends.

Mandy Cole


Mandy has been one of my best friends since the 3rd grade. We conquered our awkward phases together & despite going to different colleges, Mandy & I have remained besties. Mandy is the most genuinely kind person that I know & I can't imagine life without her.

Sara Elgart


Sara & I have been friends since the 1st grade, but our best friendship began in high school & never stopped. On top of being one of the most driven & ambitious people I've met, Sara is also one of the most loyal. I'm so glad to continue to have her support, encouragement, love & friendship.

Christina Wierson


Christina & I were random hallmates at UGA & quickly became besties. We couldn't imagine living more than 15 feet away from each other, so we decided to live together in Athens Ridge for two more years. Christina is bold & fiercely protective of the people she cares about. I am so blessed to always have her in my corner.

Melanie Harris


Melanie & I met as hallmates at UGA & became fast friends. Melanie is quirky & goofy, and she is always down for a good time. Melanie has a knack for unintentionally pushing you out of your comfort zone. She is one of the funniest people I know & a joy to be around. I'm so excited to have her fun-loving self by my side.

Carly Knoll


Carly is my sister-in-law. Since she joined our family in 2010, she's always acted as my older sister. Despite not living close by, she has always made an active effort to be a part of important events in my life. She is compassionate & encouraging, and I'm so lucky to have a wonderful role model like Carly in my life.

Brittni Barron


Brittni is my future sister-in-law. I met her when Colt & I started dating & we quickly hit it off. Brittni is welcoming, inclusive & passionate. She has always made me feel comfortable when spending time with her & I've enjoyed all the time we've spent together. I'm so thrilled to be joining her family & I can't wait to continue to make memories with her.

Elle Knoll

Flower Girl

Ali's niece

Graham Knoll

Ring Bearer

Ali's nephew

David Barron

Father of the Groom

It's easily said that David Barron is one of the kindest, most giving men I have in my life. He loves to have a great time with family and friends, and would do practically anything for those that he loves. I could not ask for a better role model and teacher than him, and I aspire to be as great a dad as he has been.

Beth Barron

Mother of the Groom

Mama B! Everyone knows her. Everyone likes her more than me. I've accepted it. She's the sweetest human being on this planet and always has a smile on her face. In a world that seems to always be in a bad mood, she's constantly in good spirits and wants to make others around her happy. I could not ask for a more loving and caring Mom.

Evan Barron

Best Man

It's easy to say that Evan would be my best man regardless of if he was my brother or not. Although he has been the stereotypical older brother at times, he's also helped raise me into who I am today. As I've watched and looked up to him over the years, he's taught me that family is always the most important thing in life and that spending time with those you love is something to never overlook!

Jeffery Lanier


Jeffery and I have known each other since literally day one of college at UGA, and I doubt I would know half the friends I do if it wasn't for our friendship. He is someone who I can go months without seeing and pick up right where we left off once we are able to spend time together. We have been through more than a decade of crazy fun with one another, and I hope that we have many more decades of fun times to share together.

Josh Hooks


Josh was a roommate of mine my Junior year of college. Two of my other buddies and I wanted to live in a 4 person dorm our Junior year so we gambled on getting a random roommate and man did we score with Josh. He and I have remained friends through our mutual love for video games, tequila, and enjoying quality conversations and time together with other friends. It's rare to maintain a friendship like ours for so long after college and I could not be more thankful that he will be with me on my wedding day.

Michael Hancock


Michael was actually the person who introduced Ali and I to one another. After college, Mike and I became roommates for 4 long years. One day, we met some of his friends out at a mexican restaurant, had a few drinks, lots of laughs, and good conversation. These friends turned out to be Ali and Katie. We all started hanging out more and more after that night and the rest is history. Mike is the only person that can make me angry one minute and then us be laughing about it the next, which is a true testament to how genuinely kind he is and how easy it is to be around him.

Craig Hinner


Craig may have been the 5th person I met at UGA in my freshman dorms. As an icebreaker, I thought it would be a good way to meet new people by knocking on everyone's door and asking them to play a giant game in our community room. Craig was immediately down to hang out any time after that and always had an incredibly positive mentality involving all aspects of life. We have remained friends over the years because Craig truly values the friends he chooses and constantly reaches out to those that he cares for asking to spend time together. Not many people can say that they have friends that they still know from day 1 of college like I can with Craig.

Zach Johnson


Ironically, Zach and I have become closer of friends after college than we did while at UGA. We ran with the same crowds but never really spent much time together solo until he moved in with Mike and I in 2018. We have lived together every year since, and I have gotten to know Zach so much better since then. He may come off as quiet at first, but he is a really good dude who is always down to hang out, play disc golf, drink Tropicalia with, and just watch anything relating to sports. Ali and Hannah, Zach's girlfriend, are close friends since childhood so it has brought all of us closer together. We enjoy having a couple to spend time with, play card games with, and to enjoy their hot tub with!

Jake Knoll


Jake will be one of my two future brother in laws, and I can not be more thrilled to join his family. Anyone who knows Jake knows he has the biggest, most caring personality in the world, and that energy rubs off on everyone around him. He is a resilient, kind, laughable guy and I couldn't ask for a better future brother in law.

Greg Knoll


Greg is also one of my future brothers in law, and I am equally as excited to have this bulldawg-loving surgeon as a future brother. The first time we met was the UGA v Notre Dame game in Athens and he started buying rounds of my favorite bourbon for the group. I knew then it was not going to be difficult becoming friends with Greg. He is an incredibly generous, loving, and brilliant guy, and I am excited to have him standing with me as I marry his baby sister.

Preston Mayo


Preston is the most charismatic human that we know & is also one of the kindest people we know. He’s been a fantastic friend to us over the years & we are thrilled to have him as our officiant.

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