Alexandria & Chandler

‘We’re getting married’


Alexandria Figueroa


Chandler Oldenburg

December 22, 2023

Fort Worth, TX
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Our Crazy Story


Chandler and Alexandria met in HS at Richland. They were in many classes together throughout the years and honestly had a very on and off friendship. Chandler would tell you that he was “running away from the Lord, and Alexandria pointed me to the Lord so I ran away from her as well.” They would be the first to tell you that ONLY GOD could put them together. After many trials and ups and downs, their second semester of Freshman year at Dallas Baptist University, Chandler finally saw that God had a very planned future for them. Alexandria however knew from the time that she was 15. She even went home and told her mom that she had no idea how, but that the Lord told her that she and Chandler would do something big together for the kingdom. On May 2, 2019 they went on their first date. They went to Cheesecake Factory and then came back to DBU and watched I Can Only Imagine. They grew their friendship, their relationship with one another, and their relationship with the Lord. On May 21, 2022 Chandler planned a big event where he told Alexandria that they were going to take her best friend’s graduation pictures, and then friend pictures. He actually had all their friends and family on a lookout across the lake and gave Alexandria binoculars to see signs that said “Will You Marry Me?” The rest is history. Alexandria and Chandler are so excited to celebrate the gift of marriage and to pursue the Lord together for the rest of their lives. They are so excited that you are part of their “circle” of the family that they have and the family that they have created.