A Johnson Wedding


Alexandra Whitley


Da’Vione Johnson


August 12, 2023

St. Louis, MO

How we met

Alexandra and DJ met in the fall of 2018. Born and raised in St. Louis, they both grew up playing and enjoying sports which would later unite them. Alex & DJ were both coaching at Cardinal Ritter High School when they first met but only exchanged hellos and goodbyes. It wasn’t until October 1st that Alex asked DJ on their first date. Alex explained that her team had to travel for a game that night, but DJ calmly said, "‘I’ll wait here until your game is over, then we can grab dinner.” After returning from the game, DJ was patiently waiting. They went on their first date at Sushi Ai. That was the start of DJ courting Alex, and sooner than later, DJ persistently asked Alex to be his girlfriend every day until she said yes. Twenty one days later, she said yes; And they've been inseparable ever since. The two share a beautiful daughter, Ryan Harper, and have another daughter on the way. Alex & DJ are happy to see the wedding of their dreams come to life and are happy you can join them to celebrate this union of love!