June 4, 2021
Granby, Colorado

Abiane & Sam


Sam Finster


Abiane Campbell



June 4


How We Met

July 2016

Sam: We met in a cup-in-hand kickball league. She was playing 3rd base and I played outfield behind her. Our friendship grew over the years through trips with friends and nights out. Between our conversations and enjoying all that Denver had to offer, we were growing closer without even realizing it. One night after a fun night out, people began to head home and Abiane had ordered her Uber. She was sitting by herself waiting for her ride to come and my feelings for her began to bubble up. I sat with her and waited for her ride while fighting off the urge to lean in and kiss her. After seeing her get into the car I knew I had to tell her how I felt.

First "I love you"

August 2019

Abiane: On one of our first dates, we went to a Mumford & Sons concert at Fiddler's Green. We had been chatting, dancing around, and enjoying the opening acts. Sam went to grab us drinks. While he was gone, the young lady behind us went up to me and said that she and her boyfriend had been watching us and commented "that man is soooo in love with you". Sam could tell from my twenty shades of red face that something happened while he was gone. It took several hours before I admitted to Sam what the couple said. The next day Sam told me that couple couldn't be the only ones to tell me how he feels and that they were not wrong he loves me.

The Proposal

June 2020

Sam: Most people who know me would tell you I'm not the best planner. To show Abiane how important she is to me, I wanted to make our proposal day special. I planned the whole day with a company that sets up cute picnics in the park for couples. I picked out a secluded park near Abiane's home that would be easy to get to for inconspicuous walks around the park (something we do occasionally anyway). I hired a photographer and ordered a small little lunch for us. I even had them set up a cute little chalk board with the words "Abiane, you are the love of my life. Will you marry me?" emblazoned on it. The location was perfect, the cover story was perfect, the set up was perfect, I thought I had nailed it! All I had to do was get her there, that should be a walk in the park compared to all the other planning! About an hour before we were supposed to take our walk, Abiane's boss Richard calls her to do some work for him on the upcoming board meeting. She comes up to me saying "Oh it's no big deal its just a walk in the park we can do it later it's not like the parks going anywhere". I'm sweating bullets at this point. Do I cancel the photographer? It's all set up already will they even let me cancel? Of course she has no idea that I'm freaking out. I beg her to try and get all her work done before our walk. She barely finishes it up in time and is still talking to Richard on the phone as we pull up. We walk down the path way into the park and she notices the elaborate set up. She starts to muse about "Who would go all out for a picnic like that?" ... Me... I would go all out.... I just kinda chuckle and continue leading her to the picnic. She eventually gets close enough to read the chalk board and starts giving me a look. The Photographer materializes out of the trees just in time to capture her first words, "Are you messing with me?". Not quite the romantic fervor I'm hoping for but as she sees me get down on one knee she began beaming! I got the "Yes!"

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