Alethea & Eduardo

Alethea & Eduardo Wedding Registry

Alethea & Eduardo

October 04, 2014

Welcome and thank you for visiting our registry. We’ve collected most things over the years
 from household appliances, to linen and holiday souvenirs. 

With everyone traveling from a far
 it may be hard to fit a present in the car

. Our wish is only to see you on the day
 celebrating in your own special way. 

But if you still wish to give a gift
, we’d love you giving our honeymoon fund a little lift. 

Please place your gift in an envelope 
and wish with all your dreams and hopes.
 If you prefer to give online rather than on the big day we have chosen this website because it is safe and secure and very convenient. If you would like to make a monetary contribution to one of the things we have been saving for we greatly appreciate it but please know that what we desire most is your presence (not presents). We look forward to seeing you at our event, Love from Eduardo Maldonado and Alethea Vedder.