Danielle & Joseph


We're getting married! Come celebrate with us!


Joseph Zielonka


Danielle Vlachos

May 17, 2024

Chittenden, VT
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How We Met

Labor Day Weekend 2016

There they are, making Jell-O shots at his grimy bachelor pad in Lynbrook, NY, nothing but the best for this group of degenerates. His positive energy and sense of humor fill the room - it's contagious Thats when she knew Fast forward to the dance floor at the trashy "Casey's" in RVC (Long Island) We Found Love by Rhianna & Calvin Harris playing in the background Him: "Those are some nice kicks" Pointing at her shoes with the biggest grin exclaiming "seven dollas!" Thats when he knew The rest was history

Building Blocks of Our Love

Moments we love sharing

Aiming to make each other laugh on a daily basis Being so completely and utterly random, all the time Sharing Joes home-cooked meals, no matter what time work lets up Lazy Sunday's eating junk food and ordering take-out Random adventures - anywhere and everywhere Aimless drives - wether it's admiring architecture and wilderness, catching Pokemon, finding yard sales or even better, free stuff! Celebrating the small things such as a new bud in our garden or admiring the intricacies of a weed growing through a crack in the driveway Neighborhood walks to tally the bunny activity Singing to Cooper and making up new nicknames for him Spending every moment, mundane or exciting, joyous or trying, together

The Proposal

The Pemi 5/27/2022

Here I am, thinking it's just another New Hampshire getaway. It's our favorite place to runaway to when we get the chance. Nothing life-changing, although always spectacular. A couple months prior he suggested we book a trip, but this time, no cabins. Something more "boujee" he said. We ended up booking a stay at the RiverWalk Resort. We are cruising along, just getting to the Kancamangus Highway, the best of the best in scenic drives up there. We haven't even checked in to the hotel yet. However, we get to the first pull off - Otter Rock - and he wants to get out to explore. Sounds great to me! From the moment we left the car, Joe was snapping pictures. Now when I tell you, this was out of character for him, it sure was. He would be perfectly satisfied if he never had to take a picture again in life. I noted it, but I didn't say a word, I embraced the hell out of it. We make our way down the short, but rocky path to the Pemigewasset River. We waste no time immersing ourselves into the surroundings. We're climbing rocks, poking around for any treasures, breathing in that fresh mountain air. I locate my trusty stick, one that will remain with me for the entirety of this detour. That way I can continue to point and poke in amazement. We are alone. Sweet silence, other than the calming sound of water babbling against the rocks. Here is where I feel most free.. he has always known that. Suddenly, rain. We don't mind, we love the rain. Especially under these circumstances. It passes rather quickly. Serenity as the fog arises from the cool water. It was one of those moments. You could feel the satisfaction from both of us. So light and happy. Just living. Just being. He suggests setting up his phone on a rock and videoing, that way we can take screenshots of the parts we like later. Fantastic idea babe! It's decided. We have a moment side-by-side, leaning into one another, looking off to the opposite riverside. This was a potentially good screenshot for later, but also one of those simple moments of joy. This was just after our stick "fight." Avoiding getting hit in true Matrix fashion (as you can imagine, truly cringey to watch back on later). Him: "okay, I'm going to have a heart attack." Me: looking up at him - "huh?" Him: "I had a whole speech planned, but I just cant get it out right now!" lowered himself to one knee "WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" Me: "STOP IT!" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" "OF COURSE I WILL!" *my trusty stick tucked up under my arm the entire time* The amount of pure joy we both felt in this moment was palpable. I did not want this feeling of elation to end! He freaking pulled it off, without my knowledge!! Kudos to him. I was impressed. I wouldn't change a single thing about these very special moments in time. Easily worth the 6 year wait (yes, I'd easily wait six more!). And that ring? If you've seen it, you know. *drool*

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