Zequiyah & George



George Howard


Zequiyah Clark


February 17, 2024

Columbia, SC
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How We Met


I was single for about two years prior to meeting George it was a beautiful night I think it was memorial weekend in 2018 I decided it was a good night to go to the Bar with my Bestfriend who had come to visit me from Florida (Kennydra) we got to the club we were way out of our comfort zone in the country partying when we lived like 1hr and 45 min away haha but anyway we had a couple drinks I remember I was looking out by the bathroom and hen George came into the club I looked at him looked at my friend and told her “ Damn He is Fine” but I left it alone I turned around started back talking to associates and when I looked to my right my friend was gone I started to look for her I find her by the bar talking to George so went over ti tell him how I thought he looked so good he looked up at me and told me to come here with his hands I went over we exchanged numbers and that was that. I ignored him for a while before linking up with him when I finally linked up with him witch was about two weeks later we never left each others side !!!!

The Proposal


It was a morning I woke up day before Christmas we were playing around got up had breakfast he sat me on the couch and he FaceTime his friend (Veezo) I remember veezo had asked George what was he doing what was he on and George pulled a box out grabbed my finger and slid the ring on while showing his friend on FaceTime and saying “ This what I’m on” veezo congratulated him and they had laughs We're so excited to celebrate these next chapters we have ahead of us

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