Allison & James

We’re getting married!


James Palmer


Allison Zeller



September 9

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Our Story

September 2015-Dating | September 2021-Engaged | September 2023-Married

Allie and James first met briefly when James went to pick up his brother, Alec, from hanging out with Allie’s stepbrother, Michael. James was interested in getting to know Allie more, but Michael and Alec (in 8th grade at the time) claimed she had cooties and wouldn’t help set them up. Fast forward a few years later to when Allie began working at Stadium Pizza and she and James officially met each other. They worked together for over a year before James worked up the courage to ask her on a date. After a few dates and learning more about each other, they knew it was love. Their first date was a trip to the movies and that is still one of their favorite things to do for date night. They’ve since enjoyed cruises, solving escape rooms, and many a beer and pizza. Seven years of adventures and love; you truly couldn’t find a more in love couple. James proposed to Allie while they were enjoying the fun-filled Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. Allie was in the middle of a pinup photo shoot with some of the beautiful cars at the car show and while she was adjusting a pose, James snuck behind her and got down on one knee. They both love each other so much that they blacked out in the moment and neither can remember what was said. Their love is incomparable to that of any movie/TV/fairytale love story, and is always growing. They will continue to find each other in every lifetime.