Amber & Zak

    Destination Riu Negril!
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We’re getting married!


Zachary John Beirl


Amber Marie Tegen


February 10, 2024

Negril, Westmoreland Parish
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How We Met

Zak & Amber met when one fateful day, when Zak walked into Amber’s store to purchase a new phone. They instantly knew that the other would somehow become an important part of their lives. After a few years Zak had become one of Amber’s regular customers, they had become Facebook friends, and texted occasionally to check up on each other. Zak finally mustered up the courage to ask Amber on a date to Hu-Hot. She was so excited to take this leap with him. They ate hibachi, talked about life, laughed, and knew that the other was there to stay. The rest is history!

The Proposal

Zak proposed to Amber on August 1st of 2022 on their annual Mercer, WI Musky fishing trip. He asked her to go out casting on their boat right before sunset. They did not catch any fish, however Amber reeled in a GIANT log (with Zaks help of course). Right around sunset, they returned to the docks where all of their family and friends were having laughs around the campfire. Zak turned the boat sideways so that they could show everyone “the giant log” they had reeled in. When Amber turned around, Zak was on one knee with the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. Family and friends cheered from shore as she said YES! They then took a sunset cruise around the lake to enjoy the moment before returning to shore to celebrate with the group. It was a beautiful day!

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