Kendall & Zack

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.








July 16, 2023

Lowndes Grove, Charleston, SC
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Our Story

From hardly knowing one another in high school & passing each other in the halls, to kicking it off during a Fado’s St. Patty’s Day block party, it only took Kendall a little over a year to convince Zack to date her…Women are always right, so no one should be surprised that we’re here now. Since then it’s been an adventure of making it through a pandemic together, buying our first home & traveling the world with each other. We are so excited to take on this next big adventure in life & celebrate it with all of the people we love the most.

The Proposal

We rang in the New Year in Mexico with more than just tequila and tacos… After a long day in the sun recovering from New Years Eve, Zack had to plan his escape to the Infinity Deck (where it would all go down). With the help of their friends, Zack and the boys were able to concoct a plan to surprise Kendall with a romantic proposal over looking the ocean. Telling Kendall that they would go get the dinner table, so that they didn’t lose their dinner reservations (because Carly and Morgan were running late, as always), the boys instead helped Zack prepare for the biggest moment in his life. Surprisingly, after a few asks, Zack still said he wanted to go through with it. As Kendall and the girls walked up the stairs of the Infinity Deck, Kendall turned the corner to see Zack standing in the middle with his Adidas slip-ons and the biggest smile she’s ever seen him have. As he got down on one knee and popped the question, Kendall had to get one last joke in…. She told him “no” and watched Zack’s life flash before his eyes, but obviously she took that back and said “yes!” Dancing, drinking and celebrating followed & the rest is history….