Yvonne & James


Kelly James Kelly


Yvonne Morgan Thomas




August 5

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Her Then to Now


We met at church and became friends as we traveled with Apostle James. I watched him for years to see if he reacted the same to anyone else. He never did. His consistent admiration of me broke my barriers and wore down all my defenses. He patiently waited for me to be ready to Love him. So when the time was right I said Yes! It was a million little things that added up to ENORMOUS Love. Mostly it was how his face would light up whenever I was in his presence or whenever he saw me. It was undeniable. He Loved Me!

His Then to Now

It was actually a dark and stormy night. It was raining really hard. I normally don’t use umbrellas but I usually keep my mom’s umbrella handy. It was after service and being the gentleman that I am I, offered to walk her to safety. She was somewhat hesitant at first but she definitely didn’t want to ruin her hair style 😁. So she obliged and got under the umbrella with me. About 10 steps into our journey, she looped her arm underneath mine and pulled in close. It was at that moment I felt something. It was that spark; and when you know, you know. Over time she watched me, I’m sure. And I watched her even the more while dropping hints as opportunities presented themselves; but she was strong and trusted no one. That I totally understood her stance and respected it. Over time I began to see signs and see sparks and even confirmations that this relationship was to be. I went to the Lord because Yvonne could not be caught, she had to be won. I told God one more try and if it fails this time I would put my feelings in my pocket and move on. I asked her to dinner and she finally said yes‼️ We agreed to become better friends and have conversations of the heart. I must say had she for any reason missed that dinner we would not be together today. So I believe we both knew the timing was right. It was our ordained time. We chose to love ❤️💙💐. We came to an agreement that we would control the narrative and no one would know until we were ready to say it was so. Although I had already proposed, I, with the help of close friends and family of hers and mine, we orchestrated the perfect 2 day engagement dinner and celebration on February 3-4th 2023 at the Walt Disney World Resort and dinner at the world famous Shula’s Steak House. Followed by a detailed photo shoot by Sir David to capture those intimate moments. From there we’ve been busy planning a life of love and ministry. As we prayed and waited to hear directly from the Lord, he came to me and facing each other he took a white cord and bound our hands together and said a threefold cord is not quickly broken.